Sunday, November 11, 2012

Top Five Reasons I Love My Church

I love my church.  I could list many more than five reasons, but here are the reasons that come to mind today...right after a Sunday morning of worship...

5.  My church teaches and preaches the Word of God unapologetically.  So many churches today compromise the supreme authority of God's Word but thankfully, my church's leadership doesn't waver.  Seems like it should be a "given" in most churches, but sadly it isn't.

4.  We love children and I have a privilege to serve in a small way.  Our church is never short on toddlers and little ones, and as our Pastor says "they all have a soul that will never die."  I serve at the Preschool Desk each week and get to greet all the families that check in, especially the visiting ones.  Nothing says "life" like a lobby all a flurry with a ba-zillion children under the age of 10.

3.  I have the best Sunday morning Bible study class.  It may be called Sunday School, or ABF (Adult Bible Fellowship), or in our case BFG (Bible Fellowship Group).  Whatever you call it, mine rocks.  Jaylynn, our Pastor's wife, is the director of this ladies' class and we have a blast.  I describe our class as the class for any lady whose life didn't turn out exactly as they planned, but we praise The Lord for where He's brought us.  Today I had the privilege to teach, which I love, followed by a potluck chili lunch.  We used our time together to fill our Operation Christmas Child boxes and our little class of ladies filled 20 boxes.   And Jaylynn was in rare form today...she walked in with an almost completely empty 2-liter of Coke can picture the energy level even if you don't know her.  If you do, enough said.

2.  Our Worship Pastor rocks...literally.  Barry Joslin may dream of playing electric guitar in Journey, but he riffs quite often during worship.  He and the worship team and praise band put in long hours of practice and get to church long before anyone else does...and it shows.  The music portion of our services simply set up our Pastor beautifully to preach the Word.

1.  Our Pastor can talk about substitutionary atonement and "smokin' the weed" all in the same sermon.  He's intelligent yet down to earth.  Knowing he and his wife, Jaylynn, like I do, I see how real he is and that makes listening him preach from his heart so very special.  And I love the way he loves and adores Jaylynn. To see a man love a sweet, strong-willed woman like he does, leading her, encourages this strong-willed single woman that there are men who can lead me.  Our church is blessed.

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