Monday, November 26, 2012

These Things Come, But Once a Year

When Christmas time is here (cue the Charlie Brown music), there are treats that pop up that are only around for this short 6-10 week time period.  And, these are a few of my favorite things (channeling my inner Julie Andrews)...

1.  Starbucks Red Cups - I squeal with excitement when I get my first drink in a Red Cup.  This year, I took the country song "Red Solo Cup" and adapted it to fit my love for the Starbucks Red Cup.  "Proceed to party!"

2.  Candy Canes - Obviously peppermint candy is available all year long, but not in the curvy cane style.  None of those fake rainbow imitations.  Blech.  Give me the pure peppermint goodness of a candy cane.  I may, when in the right mood, enjoy a cinnamon candy cane.  

3.  Boiled Custard - My Mom turned me on to this yummy drink long ago and when I sip it now, I always think of her...and wish we could share a cup together.  I'm not an egg nog fan.  Not sure why, but it's not full of the creamy goodness that boiled custard has.  I have a homemade boiled custard recipe from my Granny that one day, when I get brave, I need to try.

4.  Reese Christmas Trees -  Oh my cow these are amazing!! Reese Easter Eggs are my favorites at that time of year.  They contain just the right blend of chocolate and peanut butter.  But these trees definitely come close.  I will forewarn the world that these could be the death of me they are so delicious.  

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