Thursday, November 22, 2012

I Am Thankful

For the last 3 years, I participated in the daily thankfulness challenge on Facebook.  The goal is to keep your focus during this season on what you are most thankful.  This year I decided not to participate.  Not because I'm not daily thankful but because I was beginning to make it routine and not sincere. This year, I've used this month to participate in NaBloPoMo and post a blog entry each day this month.  I'm amazed at how this exercise wasn't as difficult as I'd first thought.

But today, the day of Thanksgiving, my post will highlight just a pinch of the things I'm thankful for. I could post for eternity for all I'm thankful for and my daily prayer time always includes a time of thankfulness. That time each day is worth more then 10 million Facebook posts. So here is my the top of my head...most definitely not all-inclusive...

I am thankful for...

- A hope beyond the grave that God provided for me through His Son.  Hope is something I could not live without and this eternal assurance of living with Him is the best hope of all.
- My job. For all its chaos and stress, I'm grateful to have a job I love when so many have no job, much less one they enjoy.
- The best friends a girl could ever have. I have a very small family and my friends are more like family than I can express. I couldn't live without them.
- The most amazing team at work on the planet and awesome co-workers. My team never ceases to amaze me in their diligence and I'm so grateful for their dedication. Along with them, I work with some pretty cool people. It makes being in corporate chaos much more manageable.
- A home that I love. The Red Rose Inn is a blessing from God and has provided a place of refuge and respite for people that need good fellowship.
- Top-notch health insurance. Another plus with my job is very good health coverage that is completely funded by my employer. Like my job, many don't have health coverage, of which I couldn't live without and I am blessed and oh so grateful for the benefit.
- A church and church family that is so precious to me. Outside of work, I probably spend the majority of my time at church or with friends I have thru church. I'm blessed to attend a church that preaches and teaches the truth and loves people so fervently.
- My health. Even with all of the health challenges I have, I am grateful that I am able to live a full life. My health becomes even more a blessing when I see others around me suffering with so much more serious health issues.
- Technology that allows me to stay connected with friends near and far. I'm especially thankful that I can stay in touch with my friend, Regina, who lives across the ocean in East Asia. She is so special to me and thanks to technology we can remain close.
- For every day I have breath to give thanks. May no day go by that I don't thank God for all that I have that I so don't deserve.

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