Friday, May 16, 2014

Table Topics: Glorified Body

I've had one of those weeks where, though I am blessed beyond measure here on earth, I'm looking forward to the day when I have that glorified body in Heaven.  You know, no aches, no pain, no more blood sucked by vampire nurses, all the food you feast upon with zero weight gain.  It'll be glorious!  Though I'm not a fashionista, I have given thought to what I'd don on my new glorified body.  Now before the theological gurus come and post hate comments on how that isn't biblical, relax.  However the Lord dresses me will be fantastic.  But a girl can dream this side of Heaven.  Nothing I can fathom here would come close, but it's fun to think about it.  

What would I wear?  Many might think I'd want to be the image of Cinderella.  Or another Disney Princess, such as Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  Or, even Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the Wind for that Southern Belle charm.  Any of those would be great.  But, if I had to choose a look, it would be Rosemary Clooney in White Christmas.  No, not in that closing red Santa Claus frock, but in that amazing black dress that is just stunning.  She sings the song "Love Didn't Do Right By Me" (sing it sister and amen!) and is just classy in that black velvet number with the sweetheart neckline.  Bing Crosby sat in the audience realizing what a goober he was.  Beautiful.

So, that is today's table topic.  

How would you don your glorified body?  

Go ahead folks, in the words of Tim Gunn...make it work!

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Motherless

Yesterday was the thirteenth year I spent Mother's Day without my Mom.  It was also the first time in 11 years I spent it without my Stepmom.  I remember last Mother's Day so vividly.  My Dad had just passed away and his funeral was the Friday before Mother's Day.  On Mother's Day I spent most of the day with my Stepmom.  I think we were both numb from the loss and I truly grieved more for her.  She had lost her partner in life.  She didn't have children, and though she had nieces and nephews that were like her children, I always spent Mother's Day with her after she and Dad married.  Now Dad was gone and we both were sad.  I didn't fathom that it would be my last Mother's Day with her too.

I have a lot of friends who are 'motherless.' Many I know that spent their first day without their Mom.  Or many, like me, who have spent years without their Mom, but it stings just a little bit more on this day.  I also have many friends who, due to their inability to have children, are not mothers.  The sting is similar.  They 'mother' many in their lives, but never bore (or adopted) their own children.  I fall in this category too.

Lamenting over such things is not my normal modus operandi.  I have so many more blessings than losses in my life and I'm amazed and encouraged how God fills those empty gaps.  A Mother's Day rarely goes by where I don't get at least one message from a sweet sister in Christ who encourages me about how I have impacted their life.  I'd never would have had the time to do so if God had blessed me with a passel of my own kids.  And there are so many "Moms" in my life that look out for me and care for me that even though my Mom, and Stepmom, are gone, I don't feel as 'orphaned' as I could.

Recently I started a new devotional time reading through the book of Esther.  For those that know me best, you know I've probably read Esther no less than a kabillion times.  As I read and studied through it this time, I noticed something new (as I seem to always do with Scripture).  Yes, Esther was motherless.  Well, duh, I knew, that right?  Mordecai raised her, blah blah blah.  But, it hit me this time stronger.  Call it God's Sovereignty and perfect timing.  The mere mention "Esther's parents had both died and Mordecai, her uncle, raised her" struck a chord in me.  You have to love Mordecai.  This man probably asked "what am I to do with raising a girl?"  And yet he did.  And raised her to love God with all her heart.  As I read the story now, I read it through the eyes of one that was motherless yet had a Mordecai.  Scripture doesn't mention Mordecai having any other children, so Esther could have been his only one.  And hit a home run raising her.  God used her to save the Jewish nation, and in turn, the lineage from where our Savior would be born.

Every Esther needs a Mordecai.  And every Mordecai needs an Esther.  God's Plan is so perfect, even if it doesn't fit the normal mold of what we might expect. 

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Life at the Office

I find humor in most everything.  Especially at work.  I have to on some days just to stay sane.  I've always compared my work life to that of The Office and since that show has gone off the air, here are a few escapades you can enjoy in its absence:

1.  I came into work one morning and parked on the side where our entrance to our office is located.  I had gone to the doctor and was coming in later than usual and had already encountered the slowest wait known to man at the doctor and just wanted to get into the office.  You know it's sad when you are dying to get to work.  I got out of my car and noticed two geese at the door.  They had sauntered up the grassy area and one noticed their reflection and started quacking at her reflection.  The other goose wandered back...probably her husband convincing her it's just her reflection.  They were both still standing there when I walked up, so I shoo'ed them away and they quietly waddled off.  I didn't have time to make room for ducklings.

2.  I had a conference call with one of our clients who is a telecom vendor.  Due to their specialty, they have their own conference call system.  We spent the first 15 minutes trying to hear everyone on the line.  I wanted to giggle so much during that call thinking of the sweet irony of a telecom company who can't construct a workable conference calling solution.

3.  We are blessed to have a stocked break room with snacks and cokes. The downside is the busiest guy at our office is in charge, so the Costco trips keep getting pushed back.  For a week or so now we've been living on old pretzels and Sprite.  One of my team members, Peter, when this phenomenon happens, will go buy a bunch of Tab diet drink to stock the fridge as his way of protest.  He loves it and so do I, so it's a good thing for us.  But, not long after, our coke supply magically appears.