Monday, October 28, 2013

Kissing Booth

Last night was our church's Fall Festival.  Kids were running around dressed like Ninja Turtles, Spiderman and Woody from Toy Story.  We had a cupcake walk, popcorn, face painting, family pictures, and hayrides.  It was fun and mayhem all around.  I suspect many of those dressed up children didn't get to bed at a decent hour, hyped up on sugar.  

The running joke this weekend was two of the ladies in my small group class were going to host a "kissing booth."  Although that didn't come to pass, I was quick to mention that I actually have a "Kissing Booth" outfit.  Yes, those that know my full name know how clever and witty that is.  But a few years ago I made the outfit and it was a hit!  I carried Hershey's kisses with me to pass out....because, really, people, my kisses are pretty amazing, and I just don't give those away for twenty-five cents!

Alas, I didn't don the outfit last night....but maybe someday in the future I will and get my Prince Charming to participate.  But in the meantime, based on this photo, I need to let my Pastor borrow it.  I love the way my Pastor and his wife love each other.  Reason number 641 why I love my credit:  John Fong:

Friday, October 25, 2013

Five Minutes: Together

Each week Gypsy Mama chooses a word to write about for five minutes. No editing, stream of consciousness. Today's word is: Together.

Ready. Set. Write.

Together is such a homey word.  With the weather a brisk 30 degrees this morning, it would have been the perfect day to load up the crock pot with a good slow-cooker recipe, grab a good book, and invite friends over for food and fun.  But, alas, I had to go to work today, bundled up in my coat, and live the life of an adult that supports herself.

As the holidays are approaching, the word "together" is truly a gift.  My favorite part of the holidays is not the gifts or the hustle and bustle of figuring out what to buy someone.  It's planning times to be together.  To just "be" with friends and family (or the friends like family, which I call 'Friendily") and enjoy each other's company.  Laugh, share, love.  So simple, yet so memorable.  I would rather make a memory than spin my wheels looking for the perfect gift.  Because, to me, the perfect gift is making a memory.  

I am so blessed this year, even as bittersweet as the holidays may seem.  This will be the first year I'm not together with either of my parents....yet they are together in Heaven.  It just won't seem the same.  But I'm grateful for those who love me through these times and are here to fill the void of family.  And, I'm encouraged that one day I will be together again with my Mom, Dad, and other family and dear friends that have gone on before.  For then, we will be together for eternity.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Moonwalk Marching Band

This recent halftime show by the Ohio State Buckeye Marching Band was amazing.  I'm impressed that a marching band can even stay in step and play an instrument, much less put on a display like this band achieved.  If you love music from the 80s, you'll enjoy this tribute to the infamous Michael Jackson.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Facebook Prayer

Earlier this year, I led a study for our ladies that our entire church participated in called "A Praying Life."  This book by Paul Miller helped break the legalism that often surrounds prayer.  I am guilty of that legalism at times.  Maybe more accurately, I thrive on some kind of structure to be consistent.  (See my lined up Coke Zero cans in my fridge for confirmation.)  That study has helped me pray "differently" and not feel guilty about it.  No, I'm not standing on my head to pray or doing some strange ritual, but I'm changing it up to be more authentic and to develop a stronger relationship with God...which is really the ultimate goal of prayer.

I'm always striving to find new ways to pray.  (No, speaking in tongues does not count.)  I have begun taking one day a week to pray for my small group at church.  I am in a Sunday morning Bible study with a slew of sweet ladies.  We would tell the world that we all aren't where we'd thought we'd be at this point in life, but we bless the Lord no matter our circumstances.  So I spend one day praying over the weekly prayer requests we get via email.  It keeps me connected to my small group and their needs and praises top of my mind.  Another day I pray for various groups in my life that are important - close friends, church leaders, government leaders.  And, I have certain days where I pray for certain people - days I pray for specific ministry folks that I've committed to support weekly in prayer.  All of this keeps my prayer life fresh.

I am starting a new prayer method this week that I developed simply by reading my social media.  Like many, I'm on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other networks.  With the accessibility on my phone, I can quickly catch up on the go at any time of the day.  Though I try to limit my intake of all that information, I've realized I could put some of it to profitable use.  Of all the social networks, Facebook is the one where I'm *really* connected to people I know.  And, it's also where the majority of the people I know share their requests, praises, and more than "I just had a Starbucks" statuses.  This week, I've decided to work in one day where I simply take my Facebook feed and pray through it.  That could take days, I know, so I'll have to limit it to my normal prayer time.  But, each person that posts - no matter the content - needs prayer.  I have friends who are atheists.  I can pray for their salvation.  I have friends who I don't see regularly, but can pray for them just the same. It's a whole new view on my Facebook feed...and gives me a fresh method of prayer once a week.

If you're my Facebook friend, know that your posts aren't for nothing.  You may just end up on my prayer list at the very moment you need a prayer to be lifted. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Five Minutes: Laundry

Each week Gypsy Mama chooses a word to write about for five minutes. No editing, stream of consciousness. Today's word is: Laundry.

Ready. Set. Write.

I love doing laundry.  I know, I'm a geek.  I don't love folding clothes or ironing, but the whole process of laundry is something I enjoy.  I suppose since I'm single and laundering for one that makes my job less behemoth.  But even when I was living at home and doing laundry was one of my chores...and there were more people...I still enjoyed it.  
I'll also admit that the laundry aisle at the grocery is my favorite aisle.  There are two reasons for that adoration.  One, it indicates I'm just about halfway through my grocery trip which is cause for hallelujah.  And, two, I love the fresh smell of all the various detergents that waft through the aisle as I peruse all the choices of fabric softener.  

The phrase "doing laundry" has become a code phrase for my married friends when they bow out of social events early to, ahem, "do laundry" so even that phrase can conjure up laughter and giggles.

Doing laundry is a chore, but it comes with a great reward at the end.  You have fresh, clean, wonderful smelling clothes.  Or, even better, fresh, clean aromatic sheets to put on the bed.  Life is full of the dirty.  Our brains are filled with toxins, our life is filled with dirt and dust...and our hearts can be heavy carrying all that around.  Doing laundry seems one way we can refresh.  It doesn't get rid of the dirty and ugly from the world, but it does provide a "fresh start" in a sense.  Maybe I should own a laundromat.  

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Random Thoughts on Radio, Music, Theology and Buford

On most days I have a kabillion (one of my new favorite words) thoughts going through my head.  This has increased since the beginning of my studies for the MBA.  Given that, today's entry will be a myriad of random thoughts that are in my head right now.  Lest you be concerned, I'm not *that* transparent, so you are safe.  But for those that are still reading, here it goes....

Why do traffic updates on the radio involve the sound effects of horns and sirens?  I literally almost crash (causing yet another traffic incident) when the reports begin because I think it's someone honking and about to run me over.  A nice soothing voice singing "Traffic Update" would be better, don't you think?

As an online student at Campbellsville University, I receive all student email - when the post office will be closed, lost iPhones, road closings due to Homecoming games.  I even get the daily cafeteria menu, which makes me drool every time I read it.  I also get alerted when special musical events occur.  Just last week there was a piano duet recital that I would have loved to attend - all free of charge!  Just today I got an email that The Oak Ridge Boys are coming there on October 28.  Can I get a oom papa mow mow?!  I LOVE the Oak Ridge Boys.  As a student, tickets are half-price.  But since it's a Monday night and too far to travel, alas, I'll have to oom papa mow mow on my own.  

This past Saturday I was shopping at my local Wal-Mart neighborhood market and saw Dr. Denny Burk.  I love the Burk family!  He had just gotten back in town and was shopping for his wife...which makes him earn a kabillion husband points.  I have now deemed that grocery store as the theological destination for groceries.  I have seen Dr. Denny Burk and my pastor, Dr. Bill Cook, there on separate occasions.  This means theological discussions most likely occur in the frozen food section on a regular basis.

About a month ago, my friend, Christie and I were headed to Buford, GA, to see the Todd family.  Just the other night, we noticed a message left on my back car window.  It said "Ted is cool."  Now, that, folks, is hilarious.  Ted (of Ted and Christina fame) obviously wrote that in my car dust at some point and it's made an impression...literally.  My car has been through torrential rainstorms since that time, so clearly until I truly wash my car, it may stay there for eternity.  Once reason never to get my car washed again.  

Tomorrow would have been my Dad's 88th birthday.  I miss him terribly.  Over the past week or so, I've missed he and my Mom more than I have in a long time.  I sure wish I could go get Cracker Barrel and eat with him or watch a ballgame.  Watching college basketball this season just won't be the same.  I know he is living it up in Glory right now, but I sure miss the greatest man of my life.