Tuesday, November 27, 2012

You Missed a Stop on the Technology Train

For all those that own an iPhone or iPad, you are quite familiar with the screenshot feature.  You press your power button simultaneously with your Home button and voila!  A picture of your screen.  This information is vital in appreciating the humor that I'm about to unleash on you.

In my business, we provide online advertising for our clients.  Major B2B technology vendors buy ad space to rotate their branding message across our network of sites.  Along with the normal ads you see when you are surfing the internet, we also provide mobile advertising.  For example, ads that are sized to optimize for a smartphone or tablet.  

Yesterday we needed to grab screenshots for a client on their tablet campaign.  Since I didn't have my iPad at work, we had the Sales Rep use his iPad.  We thought this would be an easy task.  But when his support partner started getting the screenshots via email, they looked odd.  Apparently said Sales Rep was not privy to the screenshot feature on his iPad.  He was taking pictures of his tablet screen with his phone.  

Somebody missed a stop on the technology train.

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