Saturday, November 17, 2012

An Apple For the Teacher

I love to teach. When I was young I thought one day I would become a teacher. Although I'm not officially a teacher, I feel like I teach/coach/mentor daily.  And I get the privilege to teach a ladies' Bible study class at my church which I love.

The reason I believe I had the desire to teach was because I had some great teachers in school. To name them all would be impossible, but here are just a few examples...

Ms. Baker - My first grade teacher.  She was beautimous.  I wanted to grow up and look just like her. She was sweet and precious and my first encounter with a teacher for more than 3 hours a day.

Mrs, Kreutzman - My third grade teacher.  She was bubbly, fun and had a laugh that wouldn't quit.  She also taught me how to "skin a cat"...when my jacket's zipper got stuck, she pulled it off over my head.  She taught me how to problem solve.

Mrs. Saylor - My fifth and sixth grade teacher.  I loved her and was thrilled I ended up with her for two years.  She was funny and played four square with us.  She taught me that you are never too old to do anything.

Miss Leonard - My seventh and eight grade teacher. She was a sassy redhead and single.  She made it clear she wanted to be married but hadn't found the right man yet.  She used all sorts of creative teaching methods with us and wasn't afraid to fail and be honest with us about it.  She taught me that life is fun no matter single or married.

I could go on, but maybe for another day.  For all my friends who are teachers and you think you are making no impact. Think again.  Years later , I'm still benefitting from the lessons of those amazing teachers.

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