Wednesday, November 07, 2012


On this day after the election when you are either crying in your coffee or whooping it up with your Wheaties, I'm ready to move on to less controversial commentary...compliments.

I love a good compliment.  Many people get embarrassed or don't know how to take a compliment, but I try to be very gracious, yet humble, when I receive one.  Being the girly girl I am, you can't beat a sweet compliment from a man.  Really doesn't matter what it's about, just that a man notices something and points it out is an accomplishment.  Men just aren't geared (well, not all men) to be focused that way, so for some, it's monumental.  Yesterday, our Worship Pastor gave me Tweet props for my blog post.  Coming from a theologian, that was huge.  

A few days ago I received a friend request from the Mother of one of my friends.  This sweet lady sent me a message when she sent the request and said "I've been looking through pictures and just LOVE your DO!  It is so flattering!"  Folks, that made this curly-haired brunette extremely happy!  Not only was that compliment much needed (as they all are!), it was about my curly hair.  Unlike many people with naturally curly hair, I love mine.  LOVE it.  God blessed me with curls and I'm oh so grateful.  Plus the curls bring out my sass.  

Every Wednesday, I try to focus on complimenting or encouraging one of my employees.  Wednesday is middle of the week.  We've lived through two grueling days and are almost over the hump on our way to the weekend.  On those days, sometimes we just need an uplift.  Today being Wednesday, I try to keep an open eye out for ways to share a compliment.  I encourage to do the same today to someone in your life who needs it.  

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