Saturday, November 03, 2012


It's day three of NaBloPoMo and I'm creating my first blogpost ever from my iPad.  I was blessed to have won this wonderful piece of technology from my peers at work during our annual employee awards and I think I'm in love.  

I said long ago that I never wanted to become one of "those" Apple people.  Surely this obsession with a technology that has a symbol that represents the forbidden fruit that played a part in the ultimate fall of man in the Garden of Eden is no coincidence.  As one of my fellow Apple cult members has told me, "Rose, it's just easy."  and he is so right.  I am so in love with this iPad, that I have forsaken my 13 year relationship with T-Mobile and am moving to AT&T so I can get an accompanying iPhone.  I'm now waiting for the back ordered iPhone 5 to arrive and when it does AT&T will inform T-Mobile to cancel my service.  It feels like a divorce and Miss Loyalty here needs the 14-21 day delay to adjust to this new world.  I'm sure, like the iPad, I'll fall in love quickly.

So here I am with my new assistant, Paddington the iPad, and I'm sold for life.   

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