Thursday, May 31, 2007

Top Five Movies Starring 2008 Presidential Candidates

5. Bedtime for Branch - Former Senator Fred Thompson steps away from his role as Branch on Law & Order to pursue a run for the next election. He organizes a committee, Friends of Fred, and hires a chimpanzee as his campaign chairman.

4. Mrs. Clinton Goes to Washington - Senator Hilary Clinton marches toward the White House in this Capra-esque film. She encounters intrigue, corruption, mystery....hmm, sounds like another Clinton we know. Co-starring Monica Lewinsky as the evil villianness.

3. Romney and Rudy's High School Reunion - Years after they graduated, Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani head to their high school reunion. While there, they spread rumors about their alleged claims to fame - Rudy invented the Internet and Romney invented Google.

2. I Heart Huckabee - As Mike Huckabee heads out on the campaign trail, a group of Arkansas natives form the "I Heart Huckabee" fan club. This team of Razorbacks slap bumperstickers on anything they find and convince the world that not all men from Hope, Arkansas are bad.

1. Ali Obama and the Forty Thieves - Barack Obama (Gesundheit!) leads a pack of 40 thieves to fight for the freedom of the land from the evildoers. Little does he know that those 40 thieves are really 40 of his own Congressmen.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

American (yawn) Idol

This time last year, I was posting feverishly about the latest happenings on American Idol. This year, I'm watching it, and voting, but just a bit underwhelmed by the contestants. The final 3 all have great voices, but for some reason, the personalities are lacking. Last year's group included the bald and bold rocker, Daughtry, the southern belle whose ringer was a little off, Kelly Pickler, the country bumpkin, Bucky Covington, the sweet young gal with a musical legacy, Paris "Princess P," the gal with McPheever, Katherine, and the Joe Cocker Soul Patrol Captain, winner Taylor Hicks. This year we yeah...that beatbox guy, Blake. And, um....some Navy dude right? Oh, and San-I-can't-sing-a-lick-jaya, the only real crazy personality of the season. Of the final four, only one (Jordan) isn't an only child. Maybe that's why the others have a more subdued personality. I can say that because I'm an only child, although a bit more outgoing than most.

Now we're down to three and I actually like all three of these folks and would be happy if any of them won. I just don't see a future Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood in this bunch. So, since the season is coming to a close, I thought I'd give my two cents...

Jordan Sparks - I really like her spunk and bright personality. For a 17-year-old, she can blow. Out of the three, she has the most promise to be a "celebrity" because of her talent, looks, and her personality. She's young, so she doesn't need the title to make it big.

Melinda Doolittle - She is as consistent as the sun rising. I don't think she's really ever had a bad week. And, being a "BGV" (background vocalist for those of you not in the biz), she's had the experience of performance, albeit in the background. Her one downfall? Not much personality. It could be her life behind the scenes, but I'd love her to bubble up just once, and spill over. I think she'd pass out if Simon kissed her.

Blake Lewis - Good ole Beatbox Blake. He's unique and different and proud of it. I like that in a contestant - shoot, I like that in a person. I just am a bit worried that if he wins, he'll have a path similar to Taylor Hicks' road. Taylor was a fun performer to watch, but not someone who I'd dial up on my iPod to listen to on a regular basis. The concert folks make the money, but the music sales fall short. I like him though, and he's the only man standing.

Who do I think will win? It all depends on the upcoming week's theme. Whoever goes above and beyond their prior performances will most likely rise to the top. You know, maybe that's why Sanjaya got so many votes....he was the only contestant with a personality that stood out. Makes you wonder if this is a singing competition or a personality contest. I'd argue, it's both.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

All I Need is Prince Charming

As most people know that read my blog, I'm single. A lot of people ask me "so do you want to get married?" I respond, "Um, yeah." The truth of the matter is, nobody has asked, and on most days, I'm ok with that, but in my heart of hearts, I do want to be married. Not for all the wedding planning and decisions, but for the lifelong companion part. Most girls shudder when I admit that I don't have every minute of my ceremony planned out. If it wasn't for a promise I made to my Mom, I'd elope. I figure when the time comes, I'll worry about it. You'd think this low-maintenance attitude of mine would snare a husband toot sweet, but no dice.

One of the things that are of utmost importance in a wedding is the gown. Up until recently (due to the tons of weddings I've attended) I really hadn't given a thought to what type of gown I'd want. Being a bit older than the traditional bride, I don't relish dressing up like a prom queen or looking like the starring character in "Return of the White Witch." I have a somewhat sketched out idea of what type of dress I'd like, but given I'm not engaged, nor involved in a serious relationship, I'm not too concerned.

Then my answer came. Disney wedding gowns inspired by the multiple Disney princesses. My dream had come true. This collection of bridal gowns are targeted at the older bride (that's me!) who have more dispensable income to spend on gowns in the $1100 - $3000 range (ok, that's not me) I love Disney, and have since I was a child. I may never grow out of that love, and what better way to keep that going than by wearing a Disney wedding gown....although I may have to rob Scrooge McDuck to afford one.

Kirstie Kelly, a well-known bridal wear designer, was asked to roll out a Disney bridal collection. The tagline..."every princess has her story"....leads you to a site full of gowns inspired by Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine, Ariel and Belle. There are quite a few on there that aren't me, but some that are.

So, while I wait for Prince Charming, I'll peruse this site for a gown so I'll be ready. And, if anyone would like to give their suggestions on which gown you'd choose for me, please do.....I love to dream...