Sunday, November 04, 2012

Observations from a Time Change

We gained an hour last night, which is probably one of the most glorious weekends of the year.  If it wouldn't throw the spin if the earth off its groove, I'd recommend this occurrence once a quarter.  But from this time change, I've observed a few things...

1.  With technology these days, so many of my clocks will change automatically.  This makes changing clocks in my life so much easier than just a few years ago.  The television in my bedroom I use as an alarm, having it come on in the morning at the time I choose.  My TV is so old that I have to manually set the time and turn off the DST adjustment because I've had it long before the change of dates when we fall back and spring forward we have now.  I love my TV, even if it is old.

2.  Every time I set the clock on my nightstand I never (and I mean NEVER) remember to set my alarm.  I don't know why I have this mental block, other than I'm out of my normal routine.  Thankfully because of my TV alarm (see #1) I still have an alarm.

3.  Last night I went to bed on the old time, not the new time.  It was glorious!  It proves the point that getting enough sleep matters.  You'd think I'd learn this lesson, but alas, this night owl will be back to my old ways soon.

4.  Since I am a night person, the best part of this time change after the weekend is that the sun comes out earlier.  That helps getting moving in the morning much easier.  And I need all the help I can get.

5.  Even with going to bed "early" and gaining an hour, I still didn't get to church on time.  I will need lots of help or I'll surely be late to my own wedding one day.

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