Thursday, November 08, 2012

Hello My Name is Stark, and I'm All Kinds of Awesome

One of my geeky quirks is naming inanimate objects in my life.  My car is named Bluebelle.  My Kindle is named Wendall.  (Don't hate)  My iPad is named Paddington.  Recently, after winning my iPad, I decided it was time to take the plunge to a iPhone.

I've been with T-Mobile since 1999...long before they were T-Mobile.  I started out with one of those uber cool Nokia flip phones that played the Snake game and thought I was hot stuff.  Through two acquisitions, I still remained with T-Mobile.  They have been very good to me and provided me excellent customer service, and coverage that spanned the United States.  But, they didn't carry the iPhone.  There were talks last year of T-Mobile and AT&T merging which perked my interest since, at last, we'd get the iPhone.  But due to some legal schmegal, that merger was disallowed.  So I stayed loyal.  Then came the free iPad, and I was a goner.

I'm committed to a fault.  Loyal to the end.  Leaving T-Mobile was more traumatic than I wanted to face.  But, given I now had the iPad and wanted my devices all to sync, it was time to move on.  I have my home internet with AT&T, so that would be a nice bundle, and AT&T offers a corporate discount to employees of my company for their wireless service.  Score!  So, I made the call and decided, if I was going, I was going big and ordered the iPhone 5.

After a two-week back order, it arrived last night in all its glory.  After a call to an automated line, and a five minute wait, my number was ported and T-Mobile was served my divorce papers.  Amazing how quick it is to end a very long relationship.  But, I have to confess, I'm in love with the iPhone.  It's easy and it syncs beautifully to my iPad.  

And, I've named it in Tony Stark aka Ironman.  My last phone was named Pepper, in honor of his faithful assistant, Pepper Potts.  This sleek black mechanical wonder is as amazing as Ironman himself.  And full of all kinds of awesome. 

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