Monday, November 19, 2012

One Year Later and Two Deer Alerts Added

It was a year ago this past weekend that I came bumper to antlers with a deer. I wish I could be dramatic and say "It was a dark and stormy night" but it was only dark, and not stormy...just freezing cold.  

I was heading home from my friend, Beth's, house after a long overdue girl time to catch up on life.  She lives merely minutes from my home, and the late hour didn't disturb me since I'd be home in no time.  As I traveled down the two-lane road to my house, little Miss Deer, probably running from Big Bad Mr. Deer who wanted her affections, came trotting beside my Bluebelle car.  I slowed down (which was providential), hoping she'd dart on across.  Instead, she got jumpy and ran right into my right bumper, causing her to fly in the air and spin down the middle of the road.

Jumpy is not the word to describe how I felt.  And after a year later, I can still see that deer's face and her spinning out of control down the road.  I've found myself since that time jumping at anything I see out of the corner of my eye that could be assumed to be an animal running towards my vehicle.  It definitely left me shell-shocked.

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a dead deer lying on the side of the road near my house.  It brought back all those memories from last deer season when I encountered my poor Bambi.  I swore last year that once I got my car fixed, I would buy deer alerts to put on my car so this wouldn't happen again.  Sadly, I didn't do it, but after seeing that poor dead deer, I high-tailed it to the parts store toot sweet to buy a pair for my car.  My Dad traveled the state of Kentucky for five years down all the nooks and crannies of the back roads and not once hit a deer.  Why?  Not because he didn't see them, because he did.  But because he had deer alerts on his car.  It would stop them in their tracks...and not dead in their tracks.

Beth's amazing husband, Kelly, put my deer alerts on my car for me, and I am driving down the roads today with less jumpiness and nervousness at a random Bambi appearing in my path.  I sure don't want to kill some little deer's Mom or Dad.

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