Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mini Apple Turnovers

Being a Pin-Up Girl (Pinterest that is), I hope to post some of the delicacies I find on there that turn out well.  This latest selection is Mini Apple Turnovers.  

Mini Apple Turnovers

2 cans of Crescent Rolls
1 16 oz. can of Apple Pie filling

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees.  Unwrap the crescent rolls and align on a cookie sheet.  Sprinkle a mixture of cinnamon and sugar on each crescent roll.  Dip a tablespoon of apple pie filling on each crescent roll.  Fold together to secure (similarly to folding a diaper).  Sprinkle the cinnamon and sugar mixture on top.  Bake for 12 minutes.  

Serving Instructions:  These are best served right out of the oven, but are also yummy cold.  A tip when serving after they've cooled...pop them in the microwave (10 seconds for each turnover) and they warm right up to the perfect temperature.  You can also put 3 in a bowl, warm for 30 seconds and add whip cream or your favorite ice cream to make a quick "cobbler."

Though the cinnamon and sugar works best with apples, you can try variations with other pie fillings and change up the sprinkles.  For example, for other fruits, such as blueberry or cherry, you may want to just sprinkle with sugar.


Friday, February 15, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Beloved

Each week Gypsy Mama chooses a word to write about for five minutes. No editing, stream of consciousness. Today's word is: Beloved.

Ready. Set. Write.

"I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine."

This verse from Song of Songs is one of the most quoted of all verses in that book of the Bible written of the love between a man and his wife.  To know that you are loved and cherished by another in the way the Bible teaches is overwhelming and amazing all at the same time.

The word "beloved" is just soothing to say.  It has depth.  And if we break it down it spells "be - loved"  That's what we all long for right?  To "be - loved" and be someone's beloved.  

Today is the day after Valentine's Day and although I didn't have a beloved this Valentine's Day it did not diminish my hope of one day experiencing the love from a man who would love me as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for it.  That, my friends, is sacrificial, unconditional love.

Until the time comes when I experience that love, I'll rest in knowing I am the beloved of my Savior and Lord.  He gave His life for me...He puts up with all my quirks...He loves me even when I disappoint Him...He never tires of my long stories...He listens to me whine...He collects my tears in a bottle and knows the feeling of hurt and betrayal I've experienced.  I am His Beloved and praise God, He is mine.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Memory of a Childlike Valentine's Day

One of the things about not being a kid anymore was the fun that was had at school on Valentine's Day.  There were parties full of sugary treats and the construction of our Valentine bag and collection repositories where we'd collect all the Valentine's from our friends.  As I got a bit older in elementary school, I would hope I'd get that one Valentine from that one cute guy and when I did, I'd cherish it and read it over and over....even it said nothing but his name.  But if he signed it "Love..." wowsa!  

Since I'm an adult now, I can't buy those cutesy Valentine cards in boxes of multiples.  But, if I was, or if I did buy them, here are a few of my favorite lines from today's selection...

"Be My Valentine" with Snoopy hugging Woodstock

"Bee-lieve me Valentine, You're my Honey"! - Winnie the Pooh

"Kiss me, I'm an Animaniac!" - Dot Warner, from the Animaniacs

"You Make me Happy, Happy, Happy!" - Duck Dynasty Valentine Card

"A dream is a wish your heart makes" - Cinderella Valentine Card

Alas, I won't be filling out oodles of cards tonight in anticipation of passing them around to my classmates tomorrow.  But I'm hopeful for a happy, happy, happy Valentine's Day...and I hope you are too!

Monday, February 11, 2013

And Her Name is Hope

The Super Bowl Budweiser Clydesdale commercial this year was one of my favorites....probably my top choice, with the God Made the Farmer commercial a close second.  The end of the Clydesdale commercial asked viewers to vote to name the baby Clydesdale.  The results are in, and her name is Hope.  At first, I thought...Hope?...that's not a very powerful name for a Clydesdale, but I re-watched the commercial - the updated extended version - and I think the name is perfect.  The world needs Hope.  And whether we're raising a horse or a human, we all hope that they succeed and, when they do, don't forget their roots and what they were taught.  You may have seen the original commercial, but watch the extended version...it gets even better.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Five Minutes: Bare

Each week Gypsy Mama chooses a word to write about for five minutes. No editing, stream of consciousness. Today's word is: Bare.

Ready. Set. Write.

Nobody likes to be vulnerable.  The word bare brings to mine two visuals - a physical bareness and an emotional bareness.  Neither one can be comfortable at times.  Many a woman loathes swimsuit season after the multiple candy-filled holidays leading up to it, but we press through and enjoy the sun-filled days, even if we don't like the look of us in that hot pink one-piece.

We keep ourselves guarded emotionally because of the past hurts and wounds we have from a time when we laid ourselves bare to another and suffered the pain.  Yet, the irony is to be able to connect again with an individual requires us to lay bare before them and be willing to open our heart and soul.  That is almost as scary as swimsuit season.  

One of my good friends, Letha, just spent most of 2012 battling breast cancer.  From a double mastectomy, plastic surgery, gall bladder surgery and aggressive chemo, she is starting 2013 with the same amazing attitude she had all last year - she is a survivor.  Now that the worst is behind her, she presses forward to strengthen her body and get back to a new normal.  Recently she posted a picture of herself on Facebook...without her wig...stating "Bald is beautiful."  She laid herself bare.  She did what many women couldn't do - not only in her journey of breast cancer - but being willing to bare herself, both physically and emotionally, in order to encourage another that may one day be in her shoes.

Her testimony completely challenges me.  And reminds me that I have a Savior who laid Himself bare on a cross to die for me.   

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Oh The People You'll See

One of the most enjoyable things about traveling is all of the interesting people you encounter.  Last week I traveled out to California to my company's headquarters.  This trip I traveled solo - which, oddly, I enjoy.  I'm able to people watch and when I grow weary of that, can whip out Wendall the Kindle to read.  This trip afforded quite a few notable characters along the way.  I thought I'd highlight a few...

Rental Car Shuttle Driver - When I arrived Monday evening, I discovered I had reserved a car at one of the only two rental agencies (out of the 650 that are on-site at the San Francisco airport) and needed to take a shuttle to their property.  I happened to be the only rider when the shuttle came, so I got some quality time with the driver on my 10-minute ride.  I found out he manages the outside operations of the rental agency and was just shuttling to give his other workers a break.  They are short staffed and carrying double duty.  In my quick trip, I realized whether working at a large corporate company or at a small rental agency, the mantra these days is do more with less staff.

Rental Agency Representative - After I arrived at the rental lot and got off the shuttle, I wheeled my luggage into the office to pick up my car. Keep in mind it was 8pm PT, which is 11pm ET and I'd been traveling for about 12 hours. Read: I looked a hot mess.  I stepped foot in the door and one of the Representatives behind the counter proclaimed, "Do you know who you looked like when you walked in the door?"  I mustered all the charm I could in my haggard state and said "No, who?"  "Annie! The way the light shined on your curly hair I thought you looked like Annie."  I laughed and said "I hope that is a good thing."  Now, not being at my best, I didn't process the fact that (A) Annie isn't a real person and (B) Mr. Smarmy Rep was possibly hitting on me.  After I got my car and headed to the hotel I realized how attentive he was in assisting the Rep providing me a vehicle and I all but ignored him.  Not that this guy was even close to my type, but the fact remains that there are reasons I'm single because I'm oblivious.

Mr. Flu - After a week in sunny California, I began my trek back home to the frozen tundra.  As I sat at the gate waiting to board, I observed a man a row over on his cell phone.  Aside, I'd love to have a dollar for every cell phone, iPad and mobile device I see while traveling...I'd be a millionaire.  As he was talking I heard him say "Yeah, I've had the flu."  Gulp.  This man is about to bring his flu-genes on my plane.  Thankfully I'm on the way home, but I surely don't want to head home and get the flu.  Thankfully, I never saw him on my plane, which means he was sitting far away from me.  Note to self: Bring a mask.

Eight-year Old Comedian - When you sit near a child on a plane, it can be gloriously enlightening, or terribly annoying.  Thankfully I sat in front of a hilarious 8-year old boy that would take the YouTube world by storm if I could have videoed him on the trip.  Before the plane took off, his parents made sure he had his gum ready so he was prepared for the ear-popping exercise.  He stated, "Wow, this pack of Chic-lets have lasted me the whole week.  That's awesome!"  As we landed in Minneapolis, in the falling snow, he proclaimed "Our plane is scraping the snow and the wing is damaged!"  His Dad quickly silenced him but I almost lost it laughing - not only at his proclamation, but at the poor parents who were probably so ready to get off the plane before he said something else uncontrollable.  When we got close to the gate, Mr. Comedian asked his Mom, "So, since we're getting home late tonight, shouldn't we skip church on Sunday?"  His Mom replied, "But, we missed last week so we don't want to miss two weeks in a row."  He continued pleading his case, albeit weak, and didn't win that one.  If I was a parent, I'd much rather have an entertaining child like him, than a poor, crying baby on a plane.

Extreme Flight Attendant - On my last flight home from Minneapolis, I encountered a flight attendant that is either very legalistic or fresh out of training.  As we boarded, he informed us (more than once) that our plane was full and don't put anything but rolling luggage in the overheads.  After six of those announcements, he retracted that statement indicating he miscalculated and that we could now put other things in the overheads.  I knew this was not someone to mess with.  As we prepared for takeoff, he would comb the aisles and when he found a violation, he would state "Safety is our first priority.  I'll need you to put that tray table up."  "Safety is our first priority. I'll need you to put that bag all the way under your seat."  Needless to say when he came by my row, I sat perfectly still in hopes that he didn't nail me on some violation.  We had to sit in de-icing for about 30 minutes and a man a couple rows in front of me whipped out his electronic reader to pass the time.  I knew he was in trouble and when this Flight Attendant spotted him, he whipped out the "Safety" speech.  I appreciate his extreme attentiveness, but glad we didn't crash, lest I slid down the exit row slide incorrectly.