Thursday, November 15, 2012

Table Topic: Dirty Santa

It's that time of year when the holiday festivities kick up and we will be eating constantly and attending parties until 2013.  Part of the fun of the Christmas season are all those crazy gag gift exchange parties.  Some may call them White Elephant, others Dirty matter the moniker, they provide some pretty funny Fa-La-La fodder.  

You want a Dirty Santa Soiree to include some good with the gag.  Otherwise, the trading back and forth isn't going to happen.  At the parties I've attended, numbers are drawn and #1 chooses first.  When #2 chooses a gift, they can steal #1's gift or pick from the pile.  In most cases, I've been under a "3-steal limit" which makes it even more fun.  But if all the gifts are gags, nobody is going to steal anything and make the game competitive and exciting.

I've been stuck with some real winners in my day.  The most recent was probably Gerald, the Sock Reindeer.  Honestly, he was pretty darn cute.  One of the best gag gifts ever was from a party quite a few years back.  The bag was kept in the freezer until it was time for the game, which was clue #1 that it wasn't something you should choose.  After the game had come to an end, and all good gifts had been stolen, one of the party goers took the bullet and took the gift.  It was frozen pig feet.  Priceless.  That by far has been the best gag gift ever.

So, today's Table Topic....What's the best/worst gag gift you've ever received?

Pick a number and discuss

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