Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Positivity Poster

Life is full of negativity.  And in the workplace, it runs rampant.  In Corporate America USA, which is no different at my corporate job, it's hard to keep a happy outlook when you are wearing 10 hats and doing the job of 5 people.  In an effort to thwart this thought process, behold, the Positivity Poster.

One of my employees, Stephanie, is the cheerleader coach for one of the most successful high school athletic teams in the county, Trinity.  She brings the happy face in the office all the time, but even the head cheerleader can get discouraged.  So, she decided to break the pattern and begin a positivity poster campaign.  The day she posted it, we were all given a sheet of white labels and told we needed to post a minimum of one positive thing a week.  My first contribution was "Caramel Apple Pops" which I ordered for my team.  They make us smile.

Ashley, aka Sparkles as she is known by the guys in our cube farm, did the decorative lettering.  But her first attempt at placement had the "P" in the "Positivity" a little too close to the "P" in "Poster."  Patrick, our resident comedian, had posted the first label - which was "Who-Dey" and a sketch of a cat.  His cat is named after the Cincinnati Bengals mascot.  And he said "Who-Dey makes me feel positive."  I complimented him on being the first to post on the Positivity Poster (in an effort to stay positive!) and he said, "Oh, the Ositivity Pa-Poster?"  He was pointing out the misplacement of "P"s by Sparkles.  Only in my office.

Do you need to spark up your work life?  Create a Positivity Poster!  And if you need a little humor, turn it into an Ositivity Pa-Poster!

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