Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ahh, To Be a Kid Again

This week starts the 37th season of Sesame Street, the place I used to visit every afternoon in my childhood days. As part of this new season, the folks at the Children's Television Workshop are introducing a new character, Abby Cadabby, a fairy in training. Her big round eyes and her purply pink pigtails are adorable and she waves around her magic "training" wand causing all sorts of things to turn into pumpkins unexpectedly. Recently moving from Fairyside Queens, this 3-year old is scared about meeting new people and friends, but her friends on Sesame Street are there to help her adjust to her new environment.

Sesame Street takes a lot of heat from folks because of the apparent underlying liberal messages but, as a grown-up, I owe a lot to Sesame Street. You see, as an only child, many times, the television was my way to learn how to interact with others. My Mom monitored my viewing, but she'd let me watch Sesame Street unaccompanied, and she'd join me for Mister Rogers' Neighborhood right after. I learned numbers, letters, and all about far off lands from my hour with the folks on Sesame Street. And, I was a viewer when only Big Bird could see Snuffy and Mr. Hooper was still alive. As an older person, I was glad they addressed Mr. Hooper's death and explained to children where he went. I couldn't wait to hear, "Today is brought to you by the Letter B."

So, welcome, Little Miss Abby. I hope you bring joy to lots of little apprehensive children who are scared to start school alone, frightened by having no friends, or simply absorb your method of making friends. Maybe they, too, will be willing to reach out and make new friends.


Lisie said...

One of the many things I love about you, haven't lost a childlike appreciation of things. (I watched Sesame Street way past childhood!)

Twinkie said...

I liked to say, "Sesame Street is brought to you by [pause] the Children's Television Workshop."

I remember when only Big Bird could see Snuffy, too.

RosieBoo said...


Shhh, don't tell folks I still catch it occasionally. ;)


I remember being a junior announcer too, and repeating every intro line to Sesame Street.

I know I'm old when someone says to me, "What? only Big Bird could see Snuffy?" Sheesh ;)

Lorie said...

I, too, appreciate your sense of childlike wonder. :)


Lisie said...

How cutting edge areyou?! ABC News made Abby their "Person/puppet of the week"!!

SheThinker said...

I used to love Seseme Street! Snuffy was my favorite one ever. The Count was a close second.

Being 20 isn't so fun as everyone said it would be. I have to go to classes and work instead of watching PBS and KET. Pooh.

RosieBoo said...

Thanks...I guess I'll always keep my childlike outlook...

Here at Ruminations and Reflections we try to stay on top of the latest news. ;)

Welcome back from DC!! I can't wait to see pictures and video, if you took it!! Wait until you are really does get better! :)

SheThinker said...

I'm not happy about being home. Alexandria is way too wonderful to leave and be happy. It's got that small town sort of feel, but since it's right across from DC there's action too. Although right now I'd rather be where there's less action. First week of classes is never fun, and I'm already getting stressed out after 2 days. I hope it gets better soon, or I'm going to hitchhike my butt right back to Virginia and live with Tory's parents, even though she won't be there starting next month.

Shell said...

They can all see Snuffy now? Boy, I am behind the times. It always stressed me as a child that no one else believed Big Bird.

My favorite was when they used the Beatle's song "Let It Be" to teach us about "Letter B."

RosieBoo said...

Shell, yep, they can all see Snuffy now. And, Elmo has now been around for 22 years! Man, I feel old!