Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Wrong Number Etiquette

The other night I got a wrong number at home. It happens periodically, and the drill is always the same...

"Who's this?"
"Who are you trying to reach?"
"I'm sorry, you have the wrong number."

Ok, just a little lesson when reaching a wrong number.

Rule #1 - Don't respond to the Hello with an inquisitive Hello. You've reached a party, it's time to begin communication.
Rule #2 - Never, and I repeat, NEVER, ask "Who's this?" while never revealing your identity. Do you really think I'm going to tell a strange person who I am?
Rule #3 - Always ask for who you want, even if you hear an unexpecting voice on the other end. Who is to say that someone else grabbed the phone for your intended party.
Rule #4 - (Although it didn't happen on this call) Don't ask me "what number is this?" Ok, (A) you are a stranger, and (B) you want to know who I am, and (C) now you want to know what number you obviously just dialed? Tell me what number you are dialing and I'll verify if you dialed incorrectly or just have the wrong number.

In a world of identity theft, and crazed lunatics, I don't give much info out at all - especially to strangers randomly calling my phone. Put yourself on the other side of the receiver and I think your wrong number etiquette will improve.

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