Friday, November 11, 2005

Making the Most of Thirty-Seven Cents

If I have to pay 37 cents to mail a letter (and soon to be 39 cents), I like to think my money goes for more than just to deliver my package, but also to make receiving it a bit more enjoyable. It's the least our US Postal Service can do for charging outrageous prices for what we can do for free online. One of their recent debuts of gallery stamps are the Muppets - once great TV, now can be found on letters across the world.

I recently bought a bunch of these stamps, ironically ordering them online. If you read my previous post, my unfortunate fall at the post office was due to a trip to buy these very stamps. After that incident, I thought it was worth the dollar for shipping to avoid another ER visit. Charging a dollar to deliver stamps is a whole other blog topic.

The Postal Service is full of choices - Audrey Hepburn, Ronald Reagan, Disney Characters, and a multitude of flowers, flags, and animals. So, if you have to spend the money, let your personality show through.

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