Thursday, November 17, 2005

If the Shoe Fits...

I've been in search of the perfect sneaker/tennis shoe/athletic shoe for some time. I'm normally a Payless Shoe shopper, but unfortunately their shoes just don't have the life a shoe like that needs. I've finally found the shoe of my dreams...

The problem I face is multi-faceted. I have a somewhat big foot (thanks to my Dad), a wide foot at the ball of my foot, but more narrow at the heel. And, I don't like to be constricted in shoes. I get this trait from my Dad. My Mom used to tell us, "You don't HAVE to wiggle your toes in your shoes." Au contraire, Dad and I do. So, the challenge of finding a comfortable shoe is tough. For dressier shoes, I can go with sandals in the right time of year - made for the wiggliest of toes. And, clogs and mules were made just for my feet - easy to slip on and off, and my heel doesn't clomp out of it because of the wideness needed for my toes to fit. I'm convinced that if God wanted us to wear shoes, he would have created them in the first six days. Thanks to the fall of man, we're now bound by shoes.

I searched the web over, after seeking out shoes in the local stores, and found a pair on - the Propet walking shoes. I recognized the brand, but never really knew much about them. Intrigue set in when their website claimed they were the walking shoe company - ok, that's what I do, walk. I was also impressed at their "Tips" page that told you how to specifically lace up your shoes if your toes are cramped, your foot is wide in places, or you have a high arch. I fell in love with the slip-on - easy on and off - and decided to purchase a pair.

I'd not been real impressed with Zappos in the past, but their athletic shoe selection is much better than the rest of their site, which is limited in size and expensive in cost. I have to say, though, Zappos won my heart as well. After opening my free account and placing my first order, they immediately emailed me to say they'd express ship my shoes at no cost, and I'd have them in one business day. A sure way to gain a customer. As promised, my shoes were on my doorstep in one business day. I slipped them on and breathed a sigh - what a feeling. I've worn my Propets for their first full day and I may never go Payless again.

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