Friday, November 18, 2005

My Argument for Reality TV

Some of my friends give me a lot of grief for watching mainly Reality TV. My response has always been that nothing else on TV is all that great, and I love the competitive nature of the reality shows I watch. I'm a purist who stays away from the romance-driven, relationship-hunting reality shows. Those are a poor spin-off of the true competition of working for a Trump or surviving on an island. A recent study came out that gives me even more ammunition for my reality battle.

The Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation did a study that showed since 1998, sexual content on television has doubled. Seventy percent of all shows on television right now include some sort of sexual scene. But, where the real numbers shake out is when they break out the content by show genre. Comedy series contained 91% of sexual content, drama series contained 87% sexual content, but Reality shows contained a mere 41% of sexual content. The Bachelor and Bachelorette alone suck up that percentage number.

Although it's proven that Reality TV does contain some sexual content, compared to the other comedies and dramas, it is mild. No wonder I like Reality TV - it's one of the few places you can watch and not be inundated with sexual content.


A.J. said...

Rose, you know I love you, but Reality TV is just not reality. (1) Many times it's obviously staged, (2) Even if it's not staged have someone follow your life with a camera and tell me you would'nt act differently. Also, there are some good shows out there with very little sexual content (i.e. all 3 csi shows, 24, Lost). Sometimes csi may open with some sort of inappropriate sexual-type scene, but the episode is not driven by it, it's merely a part of the crime they are attempting to solve. But you can like your "reality" tv, I just don't like that new fad, that's all. :-)

RosieBoo said...

And, that's what makes the world special, because we all are different. :) There are good shows out there that aren't Reality....but, you have to admit there are quite a few that slowly swirl down the toilet drain.