Thursday, August 11, 2005

A Surprise in an Egg - And it's No Yolk!

Last week I went to a Bosnian cafe with my friend, Erica, and her friend Stephanie. The food was so-so, but we drooled over the case of pastries when we paid our bill! While at dinner, Erica said, 'They've got those chocolate eggs with toys in them!" I was clueless, but intrigued. She said they were chocolate egg shells that contained a toy surprise. Combine "toy" with "chocolate" and I'm a happy camper!

I purchased my Kinder Egg on the way out, anxious to break that baby open and see what was inside. The first thing was to eat the chocolate shell. I'm not a chocolate snob (I love chocolate as much as I love a good man!), so unless the chocolate is rank, I'm going to love it. Once I ate the outer shell, I found the oval shaped plastic container of my secret toy. Upon opening, I found a cool little wizard guy with a detachable hat. That may not sound very exciting to the average Joe, but it makes for a very cool conversation piece for my desk at work. But, then, as if the chocolate and toy wasn't enough, there was a Magic Kinder Code. It instructed me to go to the site, enter my code, and receive my prize. The fun just keeps on coming! I entered my code and got to play an online game. Chocolate, toys, and games - who needs Willy Wonka?

Kinder Eggs originated in 1974, in Italy, when Ferrero decided to expand their chocolate line for children. You'll find them mainly in Europe and rarely sold in the US due to the edible shell around non-edible parts. The interesting thing about the toys is they are quite the collectible items.

If you ever find a Kinder Egg, go wild and'll enjoy it.

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