Friday, August 12, 2005

Six Degrees of Separation

I read a lot of blogs. It's part of being a member of the blogosphere. In my journeys across blogland, I do what I call "blog hopping." I have a certain circle of blogs that I read regularly, and, when I have time, I'll jump to a blog from a post on another blog. Basically, I can be six or seven blogs removed from my original starting point. It's a great way to find interesting blogs and post on other blogs in hopes to lure my own blog hoppers back to my world.

The other day I was blog hopping and came across an entry I just haven't been able to forget. I'll keep this as anonymous as possible so as to protect the unknown individual. This guy is evidently openly homosexual and had received a Christian email from a college friend. I don't consider myself very naive, but I will say this post has haunted me. His comments about his feelings on Christians was probably the strongest I've ever read. It's as though the enemy himself was writing this entry.

I believe the Bible is the true, infallible, inerrant Word of God. Let the world throw their arrows. I believe homosexuality is a sin - and no different than any other sin I commit - one is as bad as another. But, I do know one thing - my heart hurts for this person. He doesn't see the truth, wouldn't even listen if I tried, which grieves me. I care about his soul, even if he doesn't.

If you think America is a God-fearing nation full of folks who love God, salute the flag, and support our troops, try blog hopping for a while. It may open your eyes.


Jules in NY said...

Sigh. I feel your pain, Rosie. It is indeed maddening...on several witness such things.

When I walk through the cemetery here, or when I look at the mountains surrounding this area and I know that our Revolutionary War heroes lived, and fought, traversed these mountains and forests and built all that they had with nothing more than shovels, axes, and wool clothing-mind you...I am totally insulted that anyone would think for a moment that they endured and sacrificed all that they did so that 200+ years later, a gay person would have the "freedom of speech" to bash Christians, or so someone like Cindy Sheehan could make a laughing stock of herself while we are at war. While I sympathize for anyone who's lost someone in battle, and being an Army wife--this is a reality I am reminded of daily--it's a VOLUNTEER force. Blaming this on the President, or anyone else other than the insurgents and terrorists we are fighting is not just is irresponsible and gives great credence to those who would like to argue that Americans are ignorant, self-indulgent and uneducated. The networks and major publications in this country will put a megaphone in her hand and spotlight on her face, but that's not what the vast majority of Americans are they feel, what they believe. But you'd never know it...

If it would be of encouragement to you, or to your "readers" :OD...I suggest that you visit This is a website for a friend of ours from our time in Virginia. Daniel is an Army Captain who lost a leg (among other injuries) when his vehicle was hit with an IED in Iraq in January. Daniel is living proof that Jesus still does miracles right before our eyes. He is the personification of "testimony." Daniel is a very strong Christian, and to call him a hero is an understatement. He is all that we should aspire to be...maybe visiting that site...and reading through the archived journal entries will inspire you...and give her heart something new to dwell on.

Rosie, it may not be up to one of us to reach that person---the homosexual you spoke of. You know as well as I that sometimes, God just gives us over to our sinful ways...obviously, others have tried to reach this guy...pray for him, but also pray for your own peace with the situation. I empathize with you because I know that "someday" EVERY knee will bow and EVERY tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord...and I know it's just gonna be wretched for those who've rejected him. I truly understand the haunting you are feeling because I know personally of a young girl up here who is really struggling...and although she has attended services lately, as recently as two months ago, she was claiming that she didn't believe in God. This is a person who is close to us...I have literally lost sleep over it. But we ("we" very literally being you and me) can't do it what you can, and let it go. And visit Dan's will really lift your heart. Love you! COME SEE ME!!! ~Jules

RosieBoo said...

Bravo, Jules, Bravo! And I can't wait for more of that encouragement on your own blog! (Readers, see the link on my home page to Jules and Gems!)

Love you lots! I want to come see you!!