Monday, August 29, 2005

Are you Ready for some Football?

My fantasy football draft was Saturday. This is my 3rd year of competing and I'm far from an expert, but I like to gloat a lot. I never understood football. For a girl, I'm very sports savvy...I'm as content watching ESPN as I am watching most any other channel. (I know, you are scratching your head wondering why I'm single, I'm with ya.) And, I enjoy learning about new sports. When I was in elementary school, I taught myself how to score tennis by simply watching non-stop tennis matches on television.

My journey into NFL Football began when I was invited to join a Yahoo! Fantasy league with co-workers 3 years ago. I'm competitive, and would be the only female, and thought, 'why not?' That first year I ended 9th out of 10 teams, with my shining victory being a defeat of a playoff contender, thwarting them from the playoffs during the last regular season game. I learned that year, "Don't trade your players all the time." As a coach, they'd have a bad week and I'd trade them off. Not much grace on my team that year.

My second year was much better and I began to understand the game of football more, making me a more effective coach. I ended the season 7th or 8th, I can't remember, but I know my record improved. I also became more interested in college football, realizing that knowing future NFL players is helpful. I also have a great friend who was patient in explaining the NFL game to me that season.

Now it's my third season, and I'm psyched! I got the first draft pick in my league, and I think I didn't do too shabby in my picks. My goal (no pun intended) is to reach the playoffs this season. Not bad for a girly girl.


*~*~*~Erica~*~*~* said...

hey rose.... what is your schedule like this weekend?

Dana said...

My husband plays in the office pool at work. One year he was pretty high up and won a little money, but not much. LOL Good luck with your picks.

RosieBoo said...


I've got a few things going on...what's up?


Hopefully I'll have a good season. One of my Wide Receivers, Torry Holt, did well in a pre-season game last night! Wish your hubby good luck for me!