Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A Mouthful of Memories

Recently I invested in a small, petite tube of Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer. I'd been eyeing it for some time since I heard Burt's Bees products were good, and being a lover of girly things, I finally caved. The glory of this product is it serves two purposes - it's a lip balm, and it colors your lips. Add to that the convenience of a tube that fits snuggly in my purse and you've got yourself a buyer.

To my surprise, when I applied it the first time, I got this great rush of minty flavor. That was a bit unsuspected since I had purchased the Watermelon shade. Two of my most favorite flavors are cinnamon and mint - well, chocolate too, but chocolate has its own throne. Realizing that this newfound product carried a great minty flavor made it that much more appealing. But, as I tasted the flavor it brought back an odd memory.

Isn't it funny how tastes and smells are such memory connectors? When I tasted that lip shimmer mint flavor, it reminded me of my Granny, and the gum she always had in her purse for me - Wrigley's Doublemint gum. Burt's Bees has captured the Doublemint flavor in their tubes of lip shimmer. That green-wrapped gum is still around, but since my Granny's been gone, I've not chewed much of it. With so many gum choices out there, the old standbys get pushed aside. I remember sitting in church with my Granny when I was little and playing in her purse. It was all just a ploy to see what kind of candy or gum she might have tucked away. She always had a pack of Doublemint waiting for me.

Now, everytime I apply my colorful lip balm, I can think of my Granny. And how she always had a treat for her only grandchild tucked away in the folds of her purse.


A.J. said...

I wanted to send you a comment that WASN'T spam. haha! Songs always bring back memories for me. It's not always a song I liked either, but sometimes just a song that may have been popular during a certain time in my life, always brings back those memories for me.

FreeInHim94 said...

What a sweet story!
My MaMa always had butterscotch candies or peppermints around for us. On special occassions she had "silver bells" (otherwise known as hershey's kisses.)

Kevin said...

how odd...what is the connection between watermelon and mint? lol

I too have frequent sent connections...Happy perfume reminds me of a friend back home everytime I smell it. The smell of chlorine now makes me think of Premier Gym. they have that indoor pool and for some reason the pool smell is the first smell that hits your nose when you open the door.

the biggest smell memory is the smell of the bowling alley. who knew that stale cigarette smoke and flat beer mixed with old sweat would one day be such a wonderful reminder of my childhood. my parents bowled on many leagues when i was a kid...and everytime i walk into a bowling alley now, memories of my childhood rush back.

RosieBoo said...


This spamming is crazy! I did a little changing on a few things, so we'll see if it stops.


My Dad always carried peppermints in his suit pocket, so when we were at church, I could dig in there to find a peppermint. Normally he'd find a pocketful of wrappers. :)


I don't know what the connection is between watermelon and mint lol...but I think all their shades have the same flavor.

I love wearing certain perfumes that remind me of my Mom....ones that she or my Granny wore always make me feel like they are with me.