Friday, August 26, 2005

Top Five Things I Wished I'd Thought of First

5. A brand name that becomes a verb "You can google and find your information" or "Can you Fedex this package?" Or a brand that becomes the name for any brand - Coke, Kleenex, Band-Aids

4. The idea of making something connected by wires, wireless. Cell phones are as prominent as a tethered phone line, and sometimes the only phone of choice. Wireless connectivity for laptops make working anywhere, literally, a piece of cake.

3. Asking ordinary people to audition to live 40 days on an island, sing acapella, or race all over the world.

2. Selling water in bottles. And reinventing water by adding flavoring to it.

1. Putting pants on a sponge and naming him Bob.


Dana said...

I had a great story plot in my head a couple of years ago about a Bama gal who moves north to get away from some secret and then finds herself back home in Bama with the love of her life. I ditched that story and a couple of years later Sweet Home Alabama came out at the theaters and I just sat at home banging my head on the wall.

RosieBoo said...

OH WOW, Dana! Ok, the next time you get that kind of inspiration, write it down! :)