Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Showers of Blessings

Lately I've been overwhelmed with blog topics. Seems as though when I get inspired, I just can't stop. But today, I hit a road block. I rely a lot on life experiences and current events to drive my topics, plus any other random things I stumble across. Unfortunately, everywhere I turn I come up with nothing....except for the burden for these folks hit by Hurricane Katrina.

After watching the coverage this morning, it became a bit more real to me. These folks have lost everything, have had to evacuate their home, and travel somewhere else. A couple interviewed on the morning news in Gulfport, MS, said, "We may have lost everything, but we have each other." That was precious. I can't fathom what I would do in a situation like about stretching your faith.

So, for today's entry, I thought I'd count a few of the blessings I take for granted. I have a roof over my head and a bed to put my head upon. I can pick up my cell phone, home phone, or work phone and make a call anytime. I have a place to go to work and earn a living. I love the job I have. I can go into the kitchen and pour water out to drink and it's not contaminated. Even though it cost me almost $35 to fill up my tank this morning at $2.79 a gallon, I'm thankful I have a car I can fill up that can take me where I want to go.

I could go on, but sometimes, with tragedies like these, it's good to stop and thank God for those small insiginificant things that I take for granted. I think I'll go fill up my water bottle and enjoy the refreshment....

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