Friday, August 19, 2005

All Hail to the Queen

You will notice a new little button on the right side of my blog (scroll on'll see it) for NationStates. One of my friends invited me to join in on the fun, and as an avid fantasy football freak, I thought it sounded interesting.

NationStates is based on a book called "Jennifer Government" by Maxx Barry. This futurisitc satire, although I've not read it, is based on corporations running the world. Gee, doesn't that happen now?....out in the that little town of Redmond, Washington? The object of NationStates is to create your own nation and run it within a myriad of regions of the world. I currently run "The Queendom of Fleur Rouge" - for those non-multi-linguals in the crowd, that's the Queendom of Red Flower (i.e. Rose). I reside in the Texas Pacific Coast where my conservative leanings can drive the rest of the liberal nations crazy. I'm even a member of the UN.

Each weekday, you are presented with an issue. One day it was capital punishment, another day the extinction of our nation's animal (the skunk). The way you cast your vote determines the classification of your nation. Each day you are ranked in your region, "The healthiest nations, the most compassionate towards citizens, the largest insurance industries." There are no winners, but it provides a great way to feel like you can run a country the way you want it. There are also forums you can participate in, regionally or world-wide.

Maybe I'm a sucker for any online competition, maybe I just like a way to actually throw my conservatism in other's faces, or maybe I just like the title "Queen." In any case, if you have a penchant for things political, get a group of friends together and be king of the world.


Dana said...

I joined that a while back, but never had time to really get into it. I should check back and see if it can be fun.

RosieBoo said...

I think the fun in it really comes from playing along with others you know.