Thursday, September 01, 2005

We sure could use a little good news...

With all the coverage of the devastation in the Gulf Coast region, it's about time for some good news. My friends in Alabama who serve in ministry on Ft Benning's base shared some positive news amidst the bad. Around 100 of the evacuated folks from the results of Hurricane Katrina are now being housed on base at Ft. Benning. The soldiers there are being deployed to the area to help in rescue and clean up and will be there until December when they deploy to Afghanistan. Upwards of 1000 people will be housed at Ft. Benning while the rebuilding of the area is happening.

What a great opportunity to love on some people who really need the love. The team of chaplains and ministers there are great. I've witnessed their love and commitment to supporting the troops there and heard my friends talk about the many ways they have reached out and encouraged the families on base. Now, they get to take their ministry to the next level - loving on families that have nothing but each other. The power of God's love will definitely be evident there.

I find it very providential that the space that is available for that many people to be housed and sheltered is due to the vacancy that occured from the deployment of troops to Iraq. While they are overseas fighting for our freedom, they have made room for us to take care of our own. Chances are, you won't see that angle presented on the evening news.

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