Tuesday, September 03, 2013

And Just Like That, Summer Comes to a Close

The traditional start of Summer has been Memorial Day while the traditional end of Summer has been Labor Day.  Forget all those moon calendars, this is the calendar the world lives by...even when schools start on August 1.  Now that the long Labor Day weekend is over (which I'd love a re-do for more time, please and thank you), I was reflecting on the summer that was.  It's gone by fast, but it's been quite jam packed.

Summer began just three short weeks after my Dad's passing.  I honestly look back over that time and see God's grace so evident.  That is the only explanation for why I endured all that I did.  I often think back over the events of that time and some days it seems like a dream.  But, God, in His awesomeness graciousness, has continued to pour grace in my life.  I kicked off Memorial Day weekend sitting for the GMAT.  I wouldn't say I aced it, but I did well enough to get me into grad school...praise Jesus.

In June I took one of two trips to California this summer.  Just saying that blows my mind - two trips?  In three months?  That trip was so great on so many levels.  I was able to visit my team and work with them for the week, but even greater, I had time away from the world and time to reflect, while overlooking the Pacific, on life and the loss of my Dad...and the greatness of God. I needed that time to get away.  The trip was almost perfect until a baggage truck driver ran in to the engine on my flight home and delayed me to a red eye.  I came back and jumped right into VBS.  A week-long fun fest doing Preschool crafts with some of the cutest preschoolers around.  I was running on west coast time and exhausted by the end of each day, but that week of vacation to be a VBS worker was so worth it.

For the Fourth of July weekend, I headed to visit my Alabama family, Paige and Steve.  Even though it rained non-stop during the weekend, I loved my visit.  It was good to be away during the holiday that is also my Mom's birthday and at a time when I just lost my Dad.  I got to meet some folks I've heard about for years and even prayed for and that made the trip complete.  School started for me July 1 and it's been non-stop ever since.  I may be crazy to admit that I love school.  I don't love the fact that I lack in time management skills, but I love the study.  With MBA, it's topics I can identify with and school is much more exciting when you've worked for decades and have a frame of reference.

In a blink, August was here and gone and included yet another very quick trip out west.  It was a Sales meeting so it was non-stop work and intensity....along with hilarity...the entire time. When I came home, I had to jump right into finishing my first term at school and starting a new one.  Then the month ended with a wedding of two friends on the very last day of August.  

I'd like a day to just sit and take deep breaths, but life marches on.  And so begins the first season of holidays and birthdays without my Dad.  As always, I know God will pour out His Grace.  Instead of wondering how I'll handle this season, I need to just sit in wonder of Him this season.

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I loved school too when I went back five years ago...I'm starting again in October. Can't wait cause most of my basic courses are OUT OF THE WAY! Praise God!