Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Love That's Rare

Long-term committed love is a rarity in this day and age.  With people getting married later in life and then marriages ending in divorce, finding a love between two people that lasts more than 50 years is almost extinct.  My parents were married 53 years when my Mom passed away and their love story was so sweet.  In short, a young Rose writes to a strange sailor stationed in the South Pacific during World War II.  They fall in love and the rest is history.  There was a recent story about a 96-year old man who wrote a song for his sweet bride.  I won't give away the details, but I cried through most of this video. They were good tears.  It reminded me a lot of my Mom and Dad and of a love that is oh so rare....get your kleenex and enjoy.  

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