Tuesday, December 02, 2008

On Dasher, On Dancer...On Clicker

If I was a reindeer, I'd want my name to be "Clicker." Prancing isn't my thing, nor is dancing, although I enjoy my own groove. And being called Vixen could be damaging to my reputation. Clicker would work just fine. I find that I probably click my mouse about 10,000 times a day. I need a click-o-meter to determine that actual number. Ah, if only that would burn calories like true exercise...

This past Thanksgiving weekend I spent a lot of time clicking as I procured 90% of my Christmas gifts online. Shopping online is glorious and has to be the best feature of the Internet. Ok, e-mail, IM, Facebook....there are others, but for convenience and time-saving, there is no better way than to click "Add to Cart."

Since I have a small family and we're not big present-givers, I don't have a lot to purchase. Some of my friends have decided that in lieu of presents we spend the day together, which is my favorite gift....making a memory. I'm not a fan of shopping (which surprisingly hasn't snagged me a man yet) so getting this done early makes me a happy camper.

There is still time for you to participate in boosting the economy by doing some of your shopping online. To maximize your savings, be sure you search for promotional codes for the sites you'll be visiting. These are the cryptic codes that give you anything from free shipping to percentage discounts on your purchases. Current Codes is one of the sites I use. It's not the most user friendly site, but most codes work. RetailMeNot is another great site for promotional codes. You search by the store or domain of that store and your search results show codes and their success ratings. This site also allows users to submit codes they've found. If it's free shipping you desire, visit FreeShipping.org to search by store and get various codes to qualify you for free shipping depending on your purchase levels.

'Twas three weeks before Christmas and I was becoming St Nick
As all through the house you could hear the sound of my clicks....

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Anonymous said...

You CRACK ME UP! Great post . . . I especially like this part:

" 'Twas three weeks before Christmas and I was becoming St Nick; As all through the house you could hear the sound of my clicks...."