Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 - A Year in Review

Each year I like to look back and reflect over all that has happened. It's a great way for me to see how I've grown as a person and all the wonderful things I experienced...and the trials. Life experiences are always growing experiences whether they are good or bad. So, let's get started with the recap...

January - I traveled to Alabama to visit my friends Paige and Steve...mainly Paige while Steve was away at a conference, but I did get to see him at the end of my visit. In my attempt to escape winter weather, I brought an ice storm with me to the south. Nice.

February - We had a major snowstorm in Louisville along with tornadoes too. In the midst of the snowstorm, my car died, foreshadowing it's impending death. On the bright side, I was able to make an 8-year-old very happy by getting him tickets to his first college basketball game ever to see the Louisville Cardinals.

March - My friend, Jan, surprised me with tickets to see Michael Buble' in concert. Definitely a memory-making event as we got upgraded from nose bleed to floor seats. March also welcomed to the world Leah Mae and Jane Adair. As Jane entered the world almost a year to the day of her big sister, Emma, little did we know then that Jane would be a big sister herself come June 2009. You gotta love those baby-making Barretts!

April - Brock Matthew Blackwell was born and greeted by a welcoming committee that filled the waiting room, hospital room and everywhere else they could be. It wouldn't be a Blackwell birth without a grand hoop-la. The little man is cute and crawling. I also launched my "Musings of the Week" posts for those times when I just need to spew forth on multiple topics but nothing in particular.

May - I experienced what a real sewer backup is like when my sewer exploded like a baby elephant with a diaper blowout in May. Thankfully I have a Dad who is the greatest man on the planet and tile flooring where this nasty mishap overflowed. Be thankful for the small things.

June - If there was a word for 2008, it would be "new." I bought a new computer in June, ditching the old dinosaur. I'm happy to report that I love the new computer, even if it is Vista. It should come in handy to help me with some of the resolutions I'm thinking about for 2009. Stay tuned.

July - To continue the "new" theme, I bought a new car in July (technically June 30) and put my other car to rest. After 3 breakdowns in a year, it was time. I feel somewhat responsible for the Big 3 automakers failing as I bought, for the first time ever, a non-GM or Ford vehicle and opted for a Honda.

August - Coming in threes, a new fridge was purchased in August. My other one died and thankfully this was the last big ticket item that had to be replaced in 2008. I also made my annual trip to Adel, Georgia, to visit my great friends, Chad and Tracy. Little did we know that during our visit, Tracy discovered via a home pregnancy test that they were expecting. I didn't get the news until about 12 weeks later. Baby Toddette is due to make her grand appearance in April.

September - We experienced more weather oddities in September as a major wind storm hit the area. With power outages in many places for a week or more, I was thankful to be spared and only out for about 24 hours. An interesting perk from the storm...I went to lunch with a group of friends that Sunday afternoon after church when the storm hit. We didn't know it was quite that violent at the time, but realized later on our way home that it was. Lunch that day was free for anyone using a credit or debit card...which included me! None of us ever got billed or charged for our meals. Small blessings amidst swirling winds.

October - I traveled to San Francisco for a business trip and had a blast. I love my job, even with all its stresses. In these days, I'm very thankful to have a job I love and be able to work with some really cool people.

November - Speaking of my job, one of my co-workers found a sweet potato patch hidden away in the landscaping of downtown Louisville. Along with the growing vegetable, she also found a $100 bill a few days later. Real-life fairy tales like that make me smile.

December - This has been a great month! I got to make a memory with some of my closest friends by seeing The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and to chronicle the event, I used my new digital camera. I'd like to point out this was yet another "new" purchase, but bought with Christmas money. Merry Christmas to me!

May all of my faithful blog readers have a happy and prosperous new year. I'm praying 2009 will be better than all we can imagine....

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Alisa said...

Your 2008 sounds like ours: The Best of Times, the Worst of Times.