Monday, December 22, 2008

When the Line Between TV and Real Life Blurs

I love The Office. You either "get" that show or you don't. There aren't any fair-weather fans. For those who've never watched it and live under a rock, here's the premise...a branch office of the paper company, Dunder-Mifflin, is being documented by a filming crew who meander through the lives and cubicles of the cast/office workers. Michael Scott, played by the hilariously funny Steve Carell, is the non-PC boss who thinks everyone loves him. Every cube dweller has their own personality and quirk that add spice to the show. Outlining them all would take a full blog post. But, to understand the scene I'm about to describe, remember the point that Michael Scott is non-PC.

If you work in an office, you have those "Office" moments when you can relate to the show because what just happened could have happened between Michael and Stanley....or Phyllis and Angela. We had just such a moment here last week...

Our President was heading back out to the West Coast and made his way throughout the office to say good-bye and wish everyone a happy holiday. As he entered into our editorial department, he said, "Merry Christmas....Happy Holidays.....Happy Kwanzaa!"....and immediately turned to the African American member of the team and said, "Is that how you say it?..."Happy Kwanzaa?" The team member shrugged his shoulders and our President was off to the airport. The rest of the employees who instantly realized the Office moment that just happened all gave blank looks into the imaginary camera just like Jim Halpert would on the show.


I love my job.

**For the record, my President is very PC....he was probably just having a lapse that day.

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Katrina said...

LOL! You have a Michael Scott in your office! I love that show. Not least because Dwight is so deliciously ridiculous. He's a gift that keeps on giving.