Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mr. Obama Goes to Washington

Last weekend I watched the classic flick, "Mr Smith Goes to Washington." I'd never seen this 1939 Capra story featuring Senator Jefferson Smith played by Jimmy Stewart. Let me stop here and say that Jimmy Stewart was one attractive and endearing actor in his day. But, I digress...

The story goes that a senator dies suddenly and the governor of that state must appoint a replacement. Jefferson Smith is the people's choice, actually the governor's children's choice, for a replacment. He leads the Boy Rangers and lives to spread good throughout the world. Against the counsel he receives from Joe Paine, the other senator from Smith's state, and the seedy "Taylor Gang" who are playing the leaders of this state like a fine chiseled marionette to see their underhanded, money-making efforts come to fruition.

When Jefferson Smith is accused of having no experience to serve in the Senate, the Taylor Gang go about conducting a mission to tear him down. They go so far as to shut the media up and take down all the young boys in his state that are rallying their land around Mr. Smith. Jefferson decides not to give up and spends over 24 straight hours reading the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and The Bible until, he hoped, the world would believe him and good would conquer evil. In the end, Senator Paine reveals fake statements from Smith's home state declaring him the underhanded one and showcasing their lack of support. But, like any good movie with a happy ending, the end has a twist, and when Smith speaks the truth Senator Paine finally breaks under the pressure of corruption bearing down on his soul. Mr. Smith's endurance eventually pays off to overcome evil.

I found it interesting how little has changed since that movie was made. The media is still corrupt. Senators still listen to their puppeteers when making decisions. Yet, the difference? Most of us won't sacrifice sticking up for the good to overcome the evil.

In less than two months, we'll have a new president. I did not vote for President-elect Obama but the truth is, he will be our President. Senator Obama will head to Washington and have an insurmountable task ahead of him. If a President ever needed prayer, he does.

Our country is in a fragile state. Our economy is a wobbly as Humpty Dumpty on the wall and after more than 20 years of being told by the consumer's response to improve, the American automakers have finally hit rock bottom. Each day I give thanks for my job and pray that we can weather the storm that is ahead. Job number one for our new President is simple...fix the economy.

My main issues of opposition of President-elect Obama were his stance on various social issues, such as abortion. It appears that providentially his world will be consumed by saving the country's economy that any more left movement on those social issues may take a back seat. There are some hidden blessings in this time of economic downturn.

President-elect Obama, you have a enormous job ahead of you. The spin is over, now you have to live up to the pitch. Flee from the corruption saturating Washington and become humble enough to follow the path that is Good. Many tout that the future is in your hands, but I know Who holds the future. And I plan to pray to Him each day for Him to penetrate your heart.

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Katrina said...

Great post. I, too, will be praying for the best.

(And I LOVE Mr. Smith Goes to Washington!)