Friday, February 29, 2008

Tis Better to Give Than Receive

Although I enjoy receiving surprises and gifts, I'm usually more jazzed when I can give something that brings the recipient so much joy. This week I had an opportunity, with a lot of help from a friend, to make an 8-year-old boy really happy.

One of my co-workers, Brent, was sharing a story this week about how his wife surprised his daughter with tickets to a recent Jonas Brothers concert. For those of you who may not know, the Jonas Brothers are the lastest boy band money-makers from Disney. While his sister was enjoying an evening with the Jonas boys, little Ryan asked his Daddy, "Where's Claire?" And the harsh realization that Claire got a surprise sank in. As all good Daddies would do, he began a quest to give Ryan a surprise he wouldn't forget. Being a basketball fan, and a University of Louisville fan, specifically, snagging tickets to one of the last two home games was Brent's goal, but it was becoming unattainable.

Upon hearing of this disappointing mission, I couldn't resist a chance to make a Daddy a hero. One of my friends works for U of L athletics. Normally, the moment folks meet him, the next question he hears is "Hey, can you swing me some free tickets?" That's always bugged me. Poor guy...they just want him for his connections. I've assured him that I would use this ticket power in my life for good, not evil and would be grateful for anytime he could help me out. I decided this was the time to leverage the power. Amazingly, he had just been given two extra tickets for the UofL/Notre Dame game last night. Brent was all set up to surprise Ryan.

Brent's wife dropped Ryan off after work and his plan went into motion. Ryan unknowingly believed he was going to a car show and realized when his Daddy picked up an envelope at the ticket window with a Red Cardinal on it that this wasn't some ordinary car show. Brent explained what was really happening and that Ryan was going to see his first UofL game live! For a young boy who loves Louisville basketball, nothing could compare to that moment.

The game was fantastic as the Cardinals brought home a win, even with an opposing player, Luke Harangody, giving a staggering performance. After the game, Dad and Son made a trip to the Gift Shop to mark this night with a souvenir. Now that's good stuff.

Today, Brent told me aside from visiting Disney World, he'd never seen his son so happy. And, what made my day more was this picture of Ryan....decked out in his red (purposely outfitted by Mom from Dad's direction) with a big ole smile on his face. And, Ryan didn't forget to thank Mr. Wall too, the man behind the curtain with the tickets. Life just doesn't get much better than that.


Alisa said...

ROSIE!! What a great story! Yet another reason why I love you...

Jules said...


You are such a beacon of light in this world! I hope you know that!!

Love you, Rose Petal!

Sandy said...

Rosie, Rosie, Rosie
You are the best! You always have someone else's best interest at heart. I love you

Erin Nicole said...

awww...what a beautiful gift and story!