Sunday, August 03, 2008

"Is Your Refrigerator Running?"..."Um, No"

A week ago Wednesday, I came home from church (ironically from a Bible study I'm leading on contentment, no less) to hear a funny noise from my fridge. A "buzzzz, click, buzzzz" (insert your sound effects here) noise was coming from my fridge. I'd heard this noise before and remembered a couple of years ago it was caused by a bad switch that needed replacing. Due to my sky-is-falling tendencies, I decided to empty the ice bucket, just in case it was the ice maker overflowing or some such issue.

The next morning I called my Dad aka best man on the planet to ask him if I should call a repairman or what I should do. My Dad is a perfectionist, and a handyman...he can fix anything, so I always consult him before seeking outside help so that I'm not over-reacting. He said to let him come and take a look and he'd call a repairman if needed.

While I headed on to work, Dad checked out the situation and decided to call a repairman. I don't keep Yellow Pages at my house anymore because, well, there is the internet, so I found it funny when Dad called me to find where my Yellow Pages were hiding. I told him "let me Google it" and in five seconds I had a list of possible repair facilities. Dad is pretty computer savvy for his age, but hasn't given up the phone book just yet.

After a visit from the repairman, it was decided the fridge was dead. The compressor died and was beyond repair...and out of warranty. Dad called to consult on the situation and I told him I trusted his judgment...pick one out for me that can be delivered the fastest. What money I'd save on shopping for a bargain I'd lose in the spoiled food. Plus, this is a "boy job"...a job solely created by God for men to do. I wasn't created to figure out what fridge I needed, I was created to take all the goodies in the fridge and whip up a luscious meal. As long as I have a freezer part and a fridge part, I'm good.

The next day, I was blessed to be able to work from home so I could be there for the delivery and installation. I didn't open the fridge except once or twice before I emptied it to transfer everything to the new icebox. Thankfully, I didn't lose any food. Athough I discovered through all of this that I don't do well with major disorder in my life, I was thankful that I was able to get a new fridge so quickly. I hope this is the last thing to break down in my life for a while. First my computer, then my car, now this. They come in threes right?

In looking for humor in every situation, I had hoped somebody would have played the phone prank on Thursday "Is your refrigerator running?" so I could accurately respond..."No, it's not." Nobody did, but just thinking about that made me chuckle amidst the chaos.


Rhonda said...

Wow, Boo. That's a lot of breakage this year. 2008--the year of renewal and replacement! Here's to shiny new things--celebrate before the bills come!

Katrina said...

Let's hope that's the end of your technical issues for this year! On the bright side: new stuff!

Jennifer said...

Glad to hear that you didn't lose anything in the broken fridge! What a blessing that was! And yes, hopefully this will be the last of the breakage for a long while!!!

On a side note I'm typing this on my new cool :)