Thursday, March 20, 2008

Table Topics - American Idol

Season 7 of American Idol is well underway with our final 10 named during last night's elimination show. I have to admit after a yawner of a year last season, this is definitely a breath of fresh air. I'll go on record now that my top two favorites are Brooke White and David Archuletta. But, we actually have good talent to choose from so the race should heat up quickly. I'm not sad to see Amanda (Elvira the Rocker) gone as her arrogant attitude was wearing thin. And, although Ramiele Malubay (Ramen Noodle) has her good moments, it's time for her to join the ranks of the departed. Sadly, she'll be on the Top 10 tour.

The last two weeks almost caused disaster with a repeating music theme - the Beatles. Newsflash: We're looking for the next American Idol, not the next American Beatle. The rights to the Beatles songbook were recently acquired by the American Idol team and although the first night was great, the second time around was disappointing. And, I wonder what music theme got the boot when the producers made the call at the last minute to stroll down Abbey Road again?

That brings me to today's Table Topic - American Idol music themes. This year, the two themes I've longed for have finally happened. During the top 24 showdown, we had an 80's night theme. I graduated high school in 198 - cough - 3 and am proud to be considered cool by all the college kids who think the 80s are hip. It was great to see those songs featured. Then, last night Ryan announced the upcoming music mentors and the theme I've waited 7 seasons for is finally happening - Dolly Parton. I don't care if you love Country music or not, you can't help but love Dolly Parton. She is a legend.

Although I've enjoyed the swing tunes theme and was completely pumped about Barry Manilow night a couple of seasons ago, there are some songs that need to be retired. If I never hear another rendition of a Gloria Estefan song, I won't be disappointed. The minute Ricky Minor and the band hits that first note of "Conga" I roll my eyes. Her music wears me out. And just because Simon Cowell loves "Unchained Medley" doesn't mean you have the pipes to sing it.

So, here's today's question....

What American Idol music theme night would you like to see?

I have to say that a part of me would love the producers to bust out a gospel night and really see how many of these contestants can let it fly. I still remember dancing to Mandisa's "Shackles" song even though Simon referred to it as indulgent. Maybe one season American Idol can poll the audience to submit their music theme ideas and the whole season would be developed by the fans. I mean, that's what this show is all about, right? Making fans happy?


Amy said...

Go David Archuletta! (Although all the guys looked like such cornballs cheesing for the camera last night!) I like Brooke, too, am glad Amanda's gone, and hope "Ramen Noodle" goes on a long way--that girl has some pipes!!

Suggestions for a theme: Show tunes night, songs you can dance to, and Monster Ballad night. :) That's just me, though. Remember how crazy it was last year when Blake Lewis started beat boxing? That dance groove was like a whole new genre, and it was fun.
PS--I wished Simon had kissed Paula last night. Encore! :)

Katrina said...

My faves right now are Carly Smithson and Michael Johns, but I get a huge kick out of David Archuletta--how cute is he when he's turning all red from the praise and cheering? Adorable!

I'd like to see another Brat Pack/Big Band night (remember Tamyra Gray's awesome scat performance of "Minnie the Moocher"?) I also think they should have a Sting night--the man has an amazing body of work!

Alisa said...

I'm with Katrina on a Big Band/Rat Pack Night. The Great American Songbook theme with Rod Stewart I thought was great - you have to be able to SING to take on those classic songs.

I'm a huge WWII era music fan and would love to hear some Bing Crosby, Andrew Sisters, etc. given an updated treatment.

This year I'm a Brooke White fan and Chickezie has surprised me. Jason Castro's goofy smile melts my heart, but his voice is thin. David Cook is great - but Simon's right: he's smug.

Anonymous said...

hey, I'm new to your blog. Don't really even know how I stumbled upon it. I do NOT like the Ramen Noodle at ALL. I wanted her gone some time ago. I really like the Irish chick, David, and the Aussie. Jason is adorable (look past the dreads and focus on his face- doesn't he look just like John Travolta, think back to the Kotter days)And chickezie (sp? sorry) is so fun to watch.
I'm tired of the ballads, I wish they would turn it up and let it rip with some high energy dance tunes. Oh, wouldn't a Southern Rock night be hillarious?
I'll be sure to drop in on your blog again.

Sandy said...

My favorites are David Archuletta and Brooke White! But you are right there is a lot of talent this year, so I think it is still up in the air.
Because I am an oldie - I would like some Motown.

Sandy said...

How in the world are "Ramen Noodle" and Kristy Lee Cook still around????????????

The Miersma Family said...

ok rose...i'm "tagging" you! see my blog for details: