Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Lost in the 50's

Ok, I've been sorely behind in blogging, mainly for lack of real scintillating content. My life seems to exist lately of work, ministry and reality TV. Sleeping and eating are there too, but usually happening simultaneouly with one of the aforementioned activities. So, I thought I'd recap last night's American Idol.

I'm a Fanilow...from way back. I had a crush on Barry Manilow (along with Scott Baio and other Tiger Beat cover guys) and to this day I still love his music. It takes a strong person to say that these days. One of my favorite nights of a prior AI season was the Barry Manilow night where all the music was from his repertoire and he was a guest judge. Last night, Barry's music wasn't highlighted, but the music of the 50's was, and he helped the contestants hone their musical skills and performance abilities. Even if you aren't a "Fanilow" you can't help but admire his musical talents, both vocally and instrumentally. Plus, he writes the songs the whole world sings.

Enough Barry adoring, on with the show...

My top three favorites (in no particular order) are Mandisa (or Mandiva as the crowd called her last night), Taylor Hicks, and Kellie Pickler. Mandisa is consistent - as Paula said one week, she can sing anything. And, the fact that she's a Christian singer with Beth Moore's praise team makes her tops on my list. Taylor is just doggone fun. He's comfortable in his skin and is about as different as you can get. I know when he performs, this Baptist has to get up and dance. Kellie dropped a bit in my eyes last week. Not just because of her performance, but that the whole dumb blonde act was getting old. I was glad to see her music was back last night, and her dumbness has faded. She did Patsy Cline proud with that rendetion of Walkin' After Midnight (how did Barry not know that song??)

After those three, the rest of the folks all fall about the same place for me. I really want to like Chris Daughtery, but original or not, that arrangement of Walk the Line must have had Johnny Cash rolling in his grave. I really like Paris, but her Sounds of Blackness heritage will assure her a career in music, with or without AI. And, bless little Kevin Covais' heart....who else can sing Part-Time Lover one week, and follow it up with When I Fall in Love the next. When I remember he's 16, I realize what a challenge this is for him. Last night when Ace closed the show, I closed my eyes to see if he really did sing well, or if his looks get me. Well, he doesn't have a bad voice, but he's no superstar vocally - my deduction once my eyes were closed.

Tonight we'll see who makes it to the final 10. My elimination pick is Bucky. Nice guy, but not a big enough following. I'm still waiting for the Mandisa and Taylor Hicks duet. Maybe that will come in the finale...


SarahLynn said...

Mine was Bucky too! :) I like your blog.

Sandy said...

Wow, I knew we were alike in some ways, but I could have signed my name to that blog.
Can't believe Chicken Little is gone and Bucky is still there!
I didn't know that about Mandesa. That is way cool.

RosieBoo said...


I'm glad I have someone who agrees with me about Bucky. What's his appeal anyway?


I'm certain Kevin has a bright future...which makes me happy he at least made it this far.

Katrina said...

I have to disagree with you on top picks. My favorite two have to be Chris Daughtry and Katherine McPhee. I just can't wait every week to see what they are going to do next. Mandisa is awesome, too--she can sing anything in my book!

Hearing Kevin sing "Part Time Lover" gave me giggles I didn't get over for the rest of the night, but I am one of the myriad of people who want to pinch his cheeks, even if he's gone vocally about as far as he can go. :)

RosieBoo said...

I thought little Kevin did the best he could with that Stevie song. Even trying to work in some dance moves. I admit it..I want to squish his cheeks too!

I have to say, although Chris isn't in my top picks, I love his story. I believe he is the one who married a woman and became a father to her children. That alone gets points in my book...