Wednesday, August 29, 2007

When it Rains it Pours

I seem to be very good at breaking things. At one of my former employers, I had broken a stapler and a file cabinet key (don't ask) within a matter of the first month. A few months later, my computer screen fried (literally) and spread a lovely aroma throughout the office corridors that would make anyone gag. I must get it from my Dad. My Mom used to say to him "You could break an iron wedge" and I really think he could. I chalk it up to us Booths not knowing our own strength.

Here are just five of the things that have broken in the past week...

5. Three fingernails - all at one time. I'm used to breaking a nail here and there, but three at once? These three beautifully manicured nails all decided to take wings and fly off at the same time. For the record, my nails are real.

4. Swimsuit - Ok, a swimsuit doesn't technically "break" but it can have a wardrobe malfunction. As I was dressing at the gym the other night and pulled out my swimsuit, I found the ever most tiny part of a seam that had come unsewn. Hmm, do I go ahead and do my workout or not? Well, the seam was in an unnoticeable place and I am underwater, so I figured I'd chance it. Needless to say, the swimsuit is now retired. I could repair it, but it is too old for repair at this point.

3. Pen - Not a tragic moment...unless you have just begun an hour-long sales meeting where you are responsible for taking the notes and recapping for the team. Thankfully someone else let me borrow a pen.

2. Sunglasses - I've blogged about my sunglasses purchases before. I'm pretty hard on them. This last pair had lasted about a year before the spring on the left ear piece sprung. Oh, I could still wear them, but I'd look like I just got out of a fight and lost because they sat crooked on my face. Nice pink girlie sunglasses have now been purchased.

1. Cell phone head set - I'm torture on these wired little suckers. I'm convinced in the past my car eats them when I'm not there. But this time, I was there for the moment the head set died. Look for an upcoming blog post on that hilarious experience.

So, I'm hoping and praying my car isn't about to break because that might put me right over the edge.

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