Friday, August 17, 2007

Georgia On My Mind

I recently returned from my trip down south and I'm suffering from PVD (Post Vacation Depression). The trip to the great state of Georgia, and specifically to the southern region, was a joy and refreshment, even though it stayed in triple digits the entire trip.

As my friend, Christie, and I embarked on the 10-hour road trip, we were treated to a wonderful surprise. The very nice (and cute!) man at the rental car place was gracious enough to give me a Nissan Pathfinder at the standard size car price. Talk about your sweet rides. I've always wanted an SUV and this just sealed the deal. But, unless there is a Sugar Daddy in my future, I may have to stick to low-riding cars or much smaller SUVs. Never having driven a vehicle of this magnitude, it was a bit overwhelming at first. It felt like I could fit two of every animal in this thing, and we affectionately called it "The Big Blue Ark" at times. But, after a few miles behind the wheel, I felt like a queen.

Having visited Adel before, this was like going home again. And, some things never change. Tracy was on her game by honing in on us like Google Maps, even with some household repair distractions occupying her time. The day of our arrival also marked the day of a brand new guest room toilet at the Todd Mansion. Chad and Tracy are some of the best budgeters I know. They do a great job of managing their money to allow Tracy to stay home and be more involved in the ministry at their church. They use the envelope system and when we heard the news of the toilet's demise, Christie quipped, "Is there an envelope for that?" I think the humor was wasted at the moment they were dishing out some buckage for a two-year old toilet, but we meant it in love. I'm happy to report that the plumber did an excellent job and it was functional during our entire stay.

Life in a small town has its appeal and even the smallest of events are noted. Some new neighbors moved in behind Chad and Tracy and during our stay erected a huge flagpole displaying the American Flag. In normal Tracy form, she commented, "Every time I look out the window I feel like I need to say the Pledge of Allegiance." If you know Tracy, you can hear her saying that very statement.

It was fun to visit some of the places we saw during our last visit and see some new sites. And, it's always good to see familiar faces that remembered us at their church. We spent a lot of time playing cards and games, which we all love, and on Sunday evening after church played a game of Clue with Tracy's newest prodigy, Whitney. A few months ago after Tracy had spent some quality time with Whitney, she asked me, "Was I like this in college?" Chad chuckled knowing my answer and I said, "Um, yeah, Tracy, you kinda were." Whitney is a fun-loving 20-year old with all the drama that goes along with that stage of life. Her parents are great friends of Chad and Tracy so it just makes sense that Whitney and Tracy bonded so well. We tried to tell Whitney about Tracy's former ways, but oddly, she didn't believe us; proof that Tracy has moved beyond her younger and wilder days.

My favorite highlight from this trip was watching Tracy with Whitney. My Tracy is all grown up. Hearing about her serving with Whitney at Centri-Kid and Tracy's inquisitive nature about Whitney's life challenges encourages me that the next generation is in good hands.


Katrina said...

Georgia! I grew up there, you know. Now I have Ray Charles singing "Georgia on My Mind" stuck in my head!

So glad you had a good trip and enjoyed the company of great friends!

RosieBoo said...

What a great heritage, Katrina! Georgia is one of my favorite states!