Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Sunglasses That Wouldn't Die

I'm pretty tough on sunglasses. I'm not an extreme sports player or have a physically demanding job, but for some reason, my sunglasses take a beating. But, when I find a pair I like, I want to hold on to them forever.

When I could finally wear sunglasses, after switching to contacts, I couldn't wait to buy a pair of Ray Bans. I saved up my money and went to the old Service Merchandise store to pick out my pair. I had priced them everywhere and chose the least expensive retail option. I loved those sunglasses. They gave me a coolness factor that I'd never had before. But, I was highly protective of them, always worried they would disappear or get damaged. I think I finally quit wearing them when the fad faded.

Sunglasses are like purses for me. I can wear any of them, but when I find one that fits like a glove, I never want another pair (or pocketbook.) I had a pair I loved that came, from all places, Avon. Those precious sunglasses were the victim of destruction from my series of unfortunate events last Fall. Due to my sensitive eyes, I needed a pair of sunglasses and quick. Thankfully, God was watching out for me and the next pair of sunglasses I found at Walgreen's were the perfect cousin of the pair that had a sad demise.

These lovely Foster Grants were perfect. Until a few short weeks later when I put them on my face and the right lens popped out. What?!? Are you kidding me? This can't be happening. Unfortunately, a Walgreen's purchase of sunglasses doesn't come with a warranty. So, I carefully popped the lens back in and eased them over my ears and, voila, it stayed in place. What relief. Until a few days later when it happened again. I thought about getting another pair, but these, even with the hopping lens, were still a great pair of shades.

Over the coming weeks I managed to drop my sunglasses a few times followed by a shriek of horror expecting the hopping lens to pop out or break. Neither would happen, but oddly, the left lens chipped...twice....on two different drops to the ground. Although these shades were a great follower of the pair that got smushed in my fall at the post office, they weren't as durable. Those sunglasses had all but been stepped on when they finally got caught under the crush of my head as it hit the concrete. I was disappointed that a couple of tosses on a tile floor were too tough for these Fosters.

I began to get the sense that Mr. Foster Grant wanted to die, but I wasn't going to let him. At least once a week my hopping lens would fall out, but I'd retrieve the ground...out of the pocket in my purse...wherever it landed. I'd simply pop it back in and away I'd go. I had contemplated getting a new pair of shades, but really loved Mr. Grant and hated to go shopping again. Then it happened. Foster ditched me.

Monday was a holiday for me and although it wasn't a holiday for the rest of the world, that made it easy for me to run errands and get lots accomplished. I went to Staples to pick up a few office supplies and, as I always do, stuck Mr. Foster in my purse pocket when I entered the building. After making my purchases and heading out the door, I reached for the Grants, and they were gone! I thought maybe I had put them inside my purse and decided to get to my car and begin the hunt. Foster Grant was gone. Maybe he jumped out at Staples in hopes to just die quietly among the printer cartridges and PDAs. Wherever he left, I'm sure he's at peace now that I'm not sloshing him around and dropping him every other day.

I left Staples and headed directly to Walgreen's to procure a new pair of shades. A nice cobalt blue polarized pair of Panama Jack's now cover my eyes from the sunlight. Hopefully Jack will be kinder to me than Foster.


Jen said...

Hey Rose-

Like your blog! Checking out everybody's to get an idea on what I want to post. You always have great ideas. I miss you and your intellegent conversation starters.


Amy said...

Hey Rosie - I am totally with you on this count... seriously - sunglasses and purses.. !

RosieBoo said...


I think I've just taken my "table topics" and put them in a blog. :) Thanks for your comments!


Look for an upcoming post on the perfect purse - I think I found it!

SheThinker said...

I just lost a pair of sunglasses that I'd had for about 3 months. That's a record for me. I usually just buy them for $5 at Wally World, because I know I'm going to lose them anyway. I think I left the last pair at Shoney's by accident. Up until tonight I was wearing a really old pair that pretty much died the time I left them in my pocket and they went through a washer and dryer cycle. They're clean and stuff, but the earpieces stretch about 2" out further than intended. Not fun to keep on my head.

Dana said...

I have to wear glasses since contacts didn't do so well in my eyes. But i do have sunglasses that magnetically clip to my eyeglasses.

Back in the 80's and 90's, I wore the RayBans. Man, I miss those glasses. Today, sunglasses cover so little of your eyes that the sun creeps in around the edges. I miss the days of big ol honker sunglasses that covered half your face. Back then you didn't get a sun headache.

RosieBoo said...


There's nothing more frustrating than a pair of sunglasses that won't stay on your eyes.


You'll be happy to know that the Panama Jack's I bought cover your whole eyes. I feel like I'm in a polarized canyon. :)