Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Case for the Social Butterly

A recent study indicated ways that we can prevent Alzheimer's. Disclaimer: It has been proven that Alzheimer's is possibly a genetic disease, so some of us may be predestined to suffer. This study will help us put off the illness as long as humanly possible.

I've been fascinated by this disease ever since the Gipper (Ronald Reagan) was stricken by its ills. Along with a best-selling novel, now top-selling movie, "The Notebook" -- a Nicholas Sparks story told by a spouse who encountered the loss of their mate to this illness, I've been curious about its causes and preventions. Of all the things I could be debilitated with (and already have been), the loss of my memory would be one of the most devastating to me. My mind is constantly in motion, and requires that activity. I was born to be a multi-tasker.

So, the study was revealing to me. It listed 3 main ways to avoid the onset of Alzheimer's:

1. Eat fish 3 times a week (That "brain food" thing isn't a myth)
2. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables
3. Socialize at least 3 times a week

As a social butterfly at times, I now have a valid reason for going out, attending a party, or hanging out with friends, as opposed to more "constructive" tasks. All you caterpillars out there that are losing your mind, break free and fly around a bit - it's good for the soul.


Kevin said...

I think I can be down with the socializing lol.

However, I know that I dont eat enough fish and fruits though. I ate fish a bunch last summer, but I kind of burnt myself out on it. I was also eating bananas and apples all of the time, but I kind of burnt myself out on those as well. I hope that I am not doomed.

A multivitamin helps :).

RosieBoo said...

Even better...share a multivitamin with a friend and you kill two birds with one stone!

A.J. said...

Hmmmm, I like Salmon a lot, but rarely eat it cause it's kind of pricy. Maybe I need to start eating more fruits too! :-\