Friday, June 03, 2005

The Greatest Johnny Cash Fan

Today's entry is in tribute and honor to the Greatest Johnny Cash Fan, Dr. Russell D. Moore. Dr. Moore is Dean at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary here in Louisville and I'm proud to say a member of my church.

The world needs more Renaissance men, of which Dr. Moore is one. He is a great theologian, a quick wit, an engaging speaker, and a lover of country music. He's also well-versed in today's pop culture and can repackage it smartly within a Christian worldview. Most people view theologians as stuffy and uninteresting - Dr. Russ breaks that mold.

Outside of his public persona, Russ Moore is a husband and father - and an excellent model in those roles. His wife, who is soon to give birth to their third child, is a joy to be around, and a wonderful example of a "gentle and quiet spirit." They are raising two adopted 4-year old boys that have come leaps and bounds since God brought them to America and to this loving family. I would feel blessed to find my own Russ Moore.

This honoring blog entry comes after reading Dr. Moore's blog and coming to appreciate his concise, yet content-filling way of communicating theology mixed with culture. If you ever wondered what a real-life, modern-day theologian is like, peruse Dr. Russ's blog.

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