Thursday, May 05, 2005

Top Five Signs It's Derby Week in Louisville

5. No Louisvillian works a full day all week.

4. The Mayor announces the "next big thing" to make Louisville great.

3. Every radio station in town, including the hard rock station, plays "My Old Kentucky Home" and Dan Fogelberg's "Run for the Roses" every hour.

2. Everything is coming up....roses, tulips, gas prices, hotel prices....

...and the #1 sign it's Derby Week in Louisville

1. All of a sudden every woman in town thinks she looks good in a hat.


Kevin said...

LOL!!!! that is so funny.

I would add:every radio station in town broadcasts from the track as well. i am so tired of every morning listening to 102.3 dj's talking about the horses and how cold they are while being there.

RosieBoo said...

thanks!...and another addition...."every B and C movie star arrives at Standiford Field...or, er, oops, Louisville International Airport."


Anonymous said...

I had the thrill of flying into Louisville on a return trip from Florida the Thursday of Derby week 1997. I think there were literally more hatboxes on that plane than people...and this was not something like "United, first class"...I was on Southwest. The other "treat" was the bourbon chocolates that were being handed out by college girls, wearing really, really bad antebellum gowns, on the concourse...sitting here, I can't pinpoint what would be more Louisvillian or Kentuckian to give out...but bourbon balls are icky and soooo cliche'...they're like fruitcake!! Does anyone REALLY eat them????