Wednesday, May 04, 2005

A Logistical Irony and Obvious Need

I've spent the last 4 days or so with my Dad in the the grace of God, he's doing much better...but I find hospitals, with all their medical technologies, lacking in some common sense areas. It makes me want to knock on the door of the hospital CEO and say, "Helllloooo, McFly....does any of this seem odd to you?"

Let me start with a disclaimer that the unnamed hospital I'll describe is much like most hospitals in this area. Maybe if you are aware of different circumstances where you live, I'd love to know. Secondly, although these are minor things I'll discuss, the major good news is that the medical care and attention at this hospital is first rate, and honestly, I guess that's all that really matters. But, if we're striving for excellence...let's read on..

My Dad has been in the CCU, which for those medical illiterates stands for "Coronary Care Unit." Located on the 3rd Floor, near the ICU (Intensive Care Unit), it seems this floor is made for those in critical need. It can be a very sad place...I've sat in the waiting rooms where families are hugging in tears, phone calls are made and people break down in's definitely not for the faint of heart. I often feel like I should do something to help them.

The irony of this logistical location is that the 3rd Floor also houses the most joyous place in the hospital....the Nursery. When I first went to see my Dad and got off the elevator, I quickly looked to see what direction to go for CCU. Ironically, the room numbers are the same for the nursery side and the CCU side. In the words of a popular song..."Isn't it ironic?"

There is something surreal to sit in a waiting room and experience death and loss, while at the same time see excitement and life beaming from just around the corner. The effect of that location can be two-fold...either you ignore the part of that floor you aren't experiencing or you begin to see the very circle of life. For the analyzer like me, it causes me to realize what a vapor this life of ours is.

The other obvious thing this hospital needs is an internet cafe. The ability to use most technical equipment is prohibited in many areas of the hospital due to its reaction to the medical equipment. But, given the way of the world and their connectivity of email, having the ability to go to a computer in a safe area, log onto email, and send out global updates would alleviate the pressure for family members trying to alert family and friends on the patient's condition. To solve that problem for me, my best friend is the point person, making a majority of the calls on Dad's condition to update those who want to know. But, if I could have done that from the hospital, I could send out the word immediately, and to everyone at one time.

One of my Mom's favorite phrases was, "When will he ever learn?"....and I can hear her echo that in this situation....when will hospitals learn to be a comfort and help to the family in the communication area.

I'll close by thanking all of those who've been praying, and continue to pray, for my Dad. He's had his ups and downs and hopefully will be back on his feet again real soon.


Autumn Storm said...

Hope he gets well soon.

RosieBoo said...

Thanks, Autumn. Each day he gets a little bit better.