Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Top Five Rejected Titles for Star Wars Episode III

5. Go West, Young Apprentice!

4. Have Light Saber, Will Travel

3. A Jedi's Tale

2. Master Yoda's Opus

...and the #1 Rejected Title for Star Wars Episode III

1. Lucas....I am Your Father....


Carrie said...

So do you like Starwars, or don't you? I don't like them :(

Kevin said...

What...sad times...we cant be friends now carrie :).

of course she likes them...because they are like the best movies ever...i cant wait, i am going tonight at 12:10!!! woohoo!!!

RosieBoo said...

I'm liking them more now since I'm catching up on the first two episodes. They are addictive, actually. :)

Higher Ground Christian Coffee House said...

Hi Rosieboo! This does not relate to the Star Wars thing (although I DO like Star Wars ;)). This is a quick thank you!

I wnated to take a moment to thank you for your post on teh Higher Ground Christian Coffee House Blog! It is great to know that the things we write can impact people we don't know and who are (relatively) far away. If you ever get a chance to visit Higher Ground, please do!!! You can check out our web site at This coffeehouse is a ministry for teens and young adults in the rural Southwest Virginia area, although we do occasionally see folks from eastern KY, Northeast TN, and Southern WV.

Hey - FYI - after I had my experience with my friend who passed away, I prayed for a test. God sent me one which was quite interesting and very similar to this scenario with my friend Kim. I was riding dirt bikes with my 5 year-old son on the top of a mountain and came up on a guy walking along the road. His truck had broken down and he asked me to send him any help I could. Upon closer inspection, I realized that I knew this guy from years past. He was a guitar player and an acquaintance I had not seen in many, many years. Needless to say, I witnessed to him, invited him to the coffeehouse and to church, and I went back down the mountain, got tools and returned to help him get his vehicle going again. I thought, "very cool, God! Thanks for the opportunity to talk about You!" An interesting tidbit is, I was relating this story to the keyboard player in the Higher Ground House Band and his eyes lit up - he had this same guy on his heart and had stopped by his house during the week. God does work in mysterious ways!

Take care Rosieboo! Godspeed...BR

RosieBoo said...

Thanks for the post....I found you guys while surfing through the blogs and really find your ministry interesting...we have a cool college ministry through our church - the Kevin who posts here is one of our leaders, and he heads up a college campus minitry.

Godspeed to you!

Kevin said...

higher ground,

i will check out your website today.

i love coffee house ministries...the college ministry that rose mentioned actually just took off in attendance this quarter mainly because of a coffee house that we put on in April.

one of the potential ministry opportunities i have in the future is a church plant in Athens GA, and the guy who is heading it up is planning on opening an actual coffee house. not a "christian" coffee house, but a shop that is ran by christians.