Monday, March 28, 2016

The Gospel According to Eagles

I have a new obsession and it's watching the DC Eagle Cam.  The American Eagle Foundation has this cam, and three cams in Dollywood that watch over the nests of our country's bird, the Bald Eagle.  There are other nests and cams that operate, but normally are most active when eggs have been laid, hatched and the world can watch the interaction of the Mom and Dad eagle with their young.  

I am hooked.  Who knew watching an Eagle Cam could be so engaging?  I'm fascinated by so many things that occur while watching.  The Mom Eagle keeps watch over her young and before they are hatched she helps to incubate them by sitting on the eggs.  This may change if the temperature changes, so she keeps a close watch on these pre-born chicks.  For the DC Eagle nest, the Eagles are named Mr. President and First Lady.  The Dollywood Cam has Franklin and Independence, Isaiah and Mrs. Jefferson, and Sir Hatcher and Lady Independence.  The Dollywood nests have recently laid eggs, so the Mom Eagles are staying right in the nest the majority of time.

Mr. President goes out and secures food, so watching the cam can be a bit gross at times, when he brings some dead animal to the nest and they pick it clean to feed the baby birds and themselves.  There is blood, so be prepared.  The admins that monitor the periodic chat times, also post updates.  Mr. President does give the First Lady breaks and she leaves the nest to have "Eagle-ess" time while he takes over duties watching the Eaglets.  Good to know that the Eagles share the parenting duties.  

When I watch these cams, I'm completely enamored at the intricacy of creation.  Their nests are so well made (and quite heavy I've heard), and constructed to sit atop a tree and hold the family without fail....unless some tornado whips through I'd assume.  I can't imagine not believing in God as our Creator when you look at the nest alone and how it is built by these majestic birds.  Also, their ability to mate, lay eggs and protect their young is something beyond my comprehension.  Of course, there is a disclaimer on the site that anything can happen in the wild, but I've seen enough of upset Eagles to know they will put up a true fight before letting anything come near their eaglets.  But, as Scripture teaches in Matthew, birds don't worry about things because they know the Creator will provide.  Mr. President doesn't tell First Lady, "So I hope I find some food when I go looking today."  Because he knows he'll find some.  Oh to have the faith of an Eagle.  

Beyond the evidence of a Divine Creator, after watching the Dollywood Cam, I'm struck by something even more amazing.  The Momma Eagle rarely leaves from sitting on her eggs.  She recognizes the life that is in those eggs, ready to come alive and she is doing her part to ensure they hatch and survive.  She recognizes life, even before they hatch.  Read that again, "even before they hatch."  When we talk about life in a human mother's womb, we can hear heartbeats, see the babies on ultrasounds, and know that blood is pumping.  But even for the Eagle, they recognize there is a life that is about to emerge.  And they are going to do everything they can to make that happen.  The wonder of new birth.  Oh to have our world value life like the Eagle.

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