Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I'll Give That Five Stars

For those who follow my blog, you'll remember I started a YouTube channel a few months back called Rosie's Reviews.  I had this great and wonderful idea that I'd do video reviews of all sorts of things and become a millionaire from all the viewers I'd generate.  Yeah, that didn't happen.  I love YouTube.  It's like another television channel I watch.  Currently, I follow a lot of "vloggers" (the video form of a blogger) and usually watch a few videos in my subscription feed daily.  I really love the family vloggers...those that have children and vlog daily.  I'm either a sucker for kids or natural humor...or both.  But these vlogs are amazing!  You should check them out....the Ballinger Family....J House Vlogs....Daily Bumps....Our Teeny Family.  Every one of these families has a kid I'm totally in love with, so if you watch, you can take a guess.

Lest I I started this YouTube channel and then realized the work involved in keeping up a regular video schedule.  First you do the shoot.  That part was easy.  I'm an ad libber aka one-take wonder, so that part wasn't hard.  Second comes the editing.  I was editing at a low level - no bells and whistles like music, transitions, etc - but it still took time.  Then, uploading and publish.  My Internet is currently not the fastest - Uverse PLEASE come to my neighborhood! - so uploading a 15 minute video could take hours.  Due to my OCD, making sure I had a balanced schedule and videos in the queue to edit, and some sort of publishing schedule was like having a second full-time job. So, I soon let it fade. 

After my recent Oscar Challenge, my friend, Ashley suggested I start another blog simply focused on reviews.  Brilliant idea!!  Yes, blogs aren't as "2016" as a video, but my passion is the written word, so it just made sense.  And, since I have so much time on my hands (see sarcastic font here), I decided to do it!  On Leap Year Day, the blog was born - "Rosie's Reviews."  I'll be reviewing books, movies, makeup, name it.  If it's something I use or experience, my critique will come out.  

But, wait, what about this blog?  Am I abandoning it?  Absolutely not!  My Rosie's Reviews blog will be an additional blog in my repertoire while this blog remains the mother ship.  You may see blog posts here that are "reposts" of reviews on my other blog, but this will remain my home plate of creation.  This blog celebrated its 10 year anniversary last April and it holds a very special place in my heart.  I started this blog after a time in a dry, creative-less job and needed an outlet to "bring creative back."  Giving this blog up would be like removing a creative gene from my body.

Be sure to visit and bookmark my Rosie's Reviews blog.  Here are the first three posts so you can catch up...

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