Friday, March 25, 2016

It Only Happens to Me

My life is funny.  I think that's why I enjoy life so much because the small encounters I have on a regular basis make me giggle.  I'll share a few in today's blog post that, even days later, leave me smiling.

A couple of weeks ago I met my sweet friend, Martha, for our monthly Cracker Barrel date.  We meet for breakfast (or brunch actually) once a month and I cherish those times together.  Many days we end up spending a couple of hours talking and enjoying our food, but on this particular day, we could tell they wanted us out.  Granted, there was a wait, so we needed to leave, but I chuckled at our not taking the server up on "to-go" drinks and then him returning with drinks to go.  

Before we left, I made a trip to the restroom.  There was one lady coming out and a woman and her child at the sinks.  I entered the stall and then poof the lights went out. My first thought was the child must have hit the switch, but I thought surely the Mom would have noticed that.  Then, when everything was so quiet and I was in the restroom alone, I thought "Did I just lose my eyesight?"  I put my hand in front of my face and couldn't see a thing.  Eeks!  I have lost my eyesight!  I was quickly reminded that public restrooms have no windows.  Have you noticed that?  I challenge you to check out the next public restroom you enter.  No windows 99.9% of the time.  So I struggled my way in the dark after taking care of business to get to the door and flip the light on.  I'd waited expecting someone to enter and they didn't.  I knew it wasn't the rapture, because, people, I know where I'm going!  As I got to the door someone was coming in and surely thought I was a loon.  I told her "someone flipped the lights off."  She looked at me as if I'd just escaped the mental hospital.  For all the angst of that restroom visit, I chalk it up to the wait staff wanting me to leave.

Last week I was lounging in my recliner to read and was going to use my heating pad.  With RA, many times at the end of the day, I need some heat on my joints to ease the pain.  I have a heating pad that I believe was on Noah's Ark, but it does the trick.  Until recently.  I noticed that the light would go sporadically off and on and didn't know why.  Gee, didn't even dawn on my that the heating pad was 100 kabillion years old.  On this one night as I was shaking the wire I saw a spark and saw smoke.  The cord had worn through and it was sparking.  Great.  Thankfully, God loves me and kept me from catching on fire.  I quickly tossed the ancient heating pad in the garbage.  

Though I have crazy things happen, there are lots of "good" crazy.  Today on my way to work I stopped by Starbucks to get a green tea.  This Starbucks is notably the slowest on the planet.  About every 3 trips, I get a free drink due to the slow service.  Today was one of those days.  Not all crazy is a bad thing.  

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